Dr. Queen Sarkar (India)

Dr. Queen Sarkar (India)

Dr Queen Sarkar is a multilingual poet, an academician, and a translator based in Ranchi, India. She is also the bonafide member of World Nations Writer’s Union. Her review articles, poems, and research papers have been published in reputed international journals and anthologies. Sarkar has done her PhD from IIT Kharagpur. Her research area includes – Poetry, translation, cross cultural communication, cultural studies, adaptation and appropriation. Her poems have also been translated in Spanish, Arabic and Gujarati.
Sarkar has been appointed as the “Ambassdeur of Good Will Seeds of Youth XXI Century, India – United Nations of Letters – Uniletras”.
She is also the Ambassador of Peace for Switzerland/France.
Post Pandemic
Hunkered down at home in India,
I saw a glimpse of the future,
the post pandemic future.
Restrictions are now being eased, as the outbreak recedes,
People are moving on the streets,
as the patients are discharged with corona negative receipts.
United by compassion, motivated by immunization,
the world has moved ahead,
crossing the barriers of class, caste and filtered faith.
Adjusting to a new reality, I looked up at the green Gulmohar and Bakul trees.
Waddling across a four lane highway,
I saw children enjoying their chocolate stout sundae.
With the carbon emissions down,
Every morning I get up to see the Himalayas crown.
Hunkered down at home in India,
I saw a glimpse of the future,
the post pandemic future.

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