Poems by Wisdom Wise Wonder 

Poems by Wisdom Wise Wonder 


This moment is where the magic Lies… 

Time tickles the imagination of the trees staring at the stardom of dreams,
dress with the garment of emerald,
on the meadows,
cascading to the humming winds,
kissing the barefoot of gravity,
listening to the tremble and timbre of echoes,
illuminating beneath the silent sea.

Have your eyes enraptured by the beauty of this miracle,
think of the divine stars laying sunshine on the cherry blossom ,
droplets of easy winds cradling the petals of the tulips ,
relishing grandiose of warm purity,
the startling dahlia painting the rainbows of Paradise,

as the sailing bees faintly whisk around the verdant castle of hope,
and the innocent doves
beaming peace,
sincerely making the sky to gently fall in love with the crisps of incessant wits,
weaving butterflies of goosebumps unto the carefree clouds,
which listen to the clasps of every enchanting flaps.

This moment is where the magic lies,
the fascinating torrent of haloes,
singing in the stars of wonders,
the Eagles soaring high above their fear,
to swim in the Ocean sky,
where fairies of roses,
dreams of Joy,
dreams of happiness embracing the daffodils of happiness.

This moment is where the love is,
the delighted Zephyrs sings Ave Maria as it touches the verses of the Red Mulberry ,
rippling the heart of the sleeping nestling ,
with lullabies of wonders,
hugging the World with passionate heart.

This moment is where the magic lies,
present yourself wholeheartedly to this amazing grace,
and watch the fascinating torrent of haloes,
singing in the stars of wonders,
listen to the delighted Zephyrs singing Ave Maria as their rhythms touches your soul,
with Love ,Peace and Hope..


God is with You 

Depression serves you a meal prepared with despondent sadness the other night,
the bread of brokenness was so bitter to your soul,
that all you see is the handwriting of hopelessness .

The problems illuminate around the shines of your day,
the tears is the makeup you wore in your smile,
and the burden rustle your soul with restlessness.
The struggle squeezes the breathe out of your strength,
and you fall into the fatal wound of darkness.

God is with you,
even when the World left you with brokenness,
even when you fall into the deep abyss,
God is with you,
there’s is light rising out of your deepest pain,
don’t cry, for God would turn your pieces into a masterpiece,
Arise! out of the web of depression,
God is creating a star out of your scar,
and through this passage of darkness,
your story would be turn to a great message.

God is with you…


You Can

You can make the World dance,
flow rivers of Joy to the land of the thirsty,
emanate sweet lullabies to wipe the tears from the crying birds,
shine verses to light up the blues.

You can flame melodies into the lantern of your days,
make butterflies to kiss the stars of beauties,
with your hands of radiance,
you can paint rainbows into the colour of others.

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