The Golden Poem…Have pity on my guitar / Poem by Mahmoud S. Kawash

Poem by Mahmoud S. Kawash


The Golden Poem…Have pity on my guitar

My heart drifted away
How can I forget
That night when love called me
Her shadow pierced within
Tangling with my blood
Standing at her door… Come, I whispered
Her bust longing for an embrace
She threw herself swiftly, unhesitant

In the arms of her fervent lover
I scented her ecstatic wet lips
That blasted pure nectar
Feeling her concealed eagerness
I stealthily touched her breast
Whose temperament so suave, so intense
My lips almost touching hers
Burning an ardent flame
I gathered my strengths to hold her tight
And felt her hasty bliss
Revealing her divine thick lips
Soon emerged redness on her cheeks
Reminding me of the moment
When the sun blends with the horizon
Oh virgin! In the depths of your fine ear
Live the murmurs that I solicit you to hear
I beseech you to pierce my broken heart
My days with you are scarce
Hoping you fulfil your promise
Pity my guitar! Break the serment
Oh virgin
For this ardent fiery passion
Slowly! I plead
My torment, my persecutor
For my blood is effusively flowing
Be compassionate
Appease my shattered feelings
Am I not your revered sacrilege
Her promised affection lurked around me
Intoxicated by her breath
I remove her veil to sense her
Feeling her every supple curve
My insatiable desire is quenched at last.

The meaning of the word “serment”:
The word “serment” means “a solemn promise, usually invoking a divine witness, regarding the future acts or behaviour”.
It’s a French word in origin and its translation in English:
nom masculin
1 (devant une autorité)
déclarer sous serment
to declare on (anglais britannique) ou under oath
prêter serment
to take the oath
un serment professionnel
a professional oath.

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