Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
Your words
Early morning
The cloud smiled at me
Your words are music to my ears
I sigh
I sigh
moonless night
my hands in my pockets
i walk alone
i miss you.
I sigh
one day
One day you decide
Get out of my life
The disappointment
Licks my face
I cry like a child
no title
I’m never alone
With books as my constant friends
I’m always at home.
snow angel
tiny snow angel
snowflakes kiss your red cheeks
white winter beauty
you catch me
you catch me
in your smile
a moment of swaying happiness
You left me
You left me
The petals are wilting
The roses are fading
My heart is filled with sadness
My soul is filled with bitterness
Solitude is sweet melody every minute
The world is beautiful
Roses look at us
The pen slips out of my hand
I am happy
Today the sky is bluer
Your name
dedicated my best Romanian friend Vasile
Happy Your Name Day
your name song in my heart
your name balm in my soul
your name kind and friendly
your name inspire me
your name like a melody unforgettable
Dear friend
of all the names invented
your is most beautiful
I adore you
Dedicated to Vasile
I adore you
I bloom.
I am happy
You are there
every day
in my strawberry heart

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