Armenida Qyqja (Albania – Canada)

Armenida Qyqja (Albania – Canada)
Armenida Qyqja, was born in 1977, in the city of Tirana, to a family with strong patriotic background. At young age, she is forced to interrupt her studies and immigrate to Canada, where she resides for more than two decades. She has been writing poetry and short stories since early adolescence and has published four poetry books: “Beyond the railings of rain”, “Letters without envelopes”, “Between the beats of the heart”, “Kisses in the ether”. She currently has two other books in process, one with short stories and novels and another poetry book.
Don’t be afraid my love,
Of the silence that invites to a lonely walse,
Inside my silence I stretch my arms, too,
And inside my heart the walls crumble,
And the abyss fall…
Don’t be afraid from this dream, the fearful awake,
The screams of death in the nights and days,
Inside your soul look for me, that’s where I am,
A little light fighting the shadows…
Don’t be afraid my love,
Of this silence that invites you to a lonely walse,
In the silence, my arms and my heartbeat you’ll find,
Together we are in this crazy walse…
You didn’t come…
The waite got cold on the silent windowsill,
On the fragile shoulders froze the rime,
The foggy warmth of the dreams…
It waited for the day and saw it off, numb,
Until the eyes grew dark,
The road and the night
Became one inside of them…
From the dark well
The dreams drank the disappointment,
Fake turned out to be the
moon’s lake,
An endless hole of emptiness…
The clouds whitened my hair with their grey silence,
On the endless escapes…
Seasons that change over my shriveled skin,
Again on the road,
Like an aged migrant traveller…
Cause, my heart doesn’t obey me,
And rises over the reasons,
Sending its beat to you while trembling,
A lightening that keeps burning and dying out from pain,
While carrying itself through darkness and rain…
And I try to bring a light with my eyes,
To your sky, that lays wounded by the storms,
A word, a new hope to give to the lips,
To the eyes that wait for me to return…

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