Mukhabbat Yuldasheva (Uzbekistan)

Mukhabbat Yuldasheva (Uzbekistan)
Muhabbat Yuldasheva is a writer, journalist, scriptwriter, movie translator. She was born in 1964, studied at Tashkent Polytechnic Institute. She is a member of Uzbekistan Writers Union.
Muhabbat awarded with White Tablet short fiction prize for her fairy tale ‘Great Dairy River’ in 2010, in Moscow, Russia. Muhabbat Yuldasheva gained the 1st place of the International Central Asian myths, fairy tales, legends prize for her screenplay ‘The Koh-e-Kaf prince’ in South Korea in 2013.
Her short stories and fairy tales translated into Russian, English, Kazakh, Ukrainian, Korean, Serbian, Belarusian, Korean and Bangla.
Muhabbat Yuldasheva translated more than 20 serials, 400 movies into the Uzbek language.
Muhabbat Yuldasheva has two children: a daughter and a son. They are both children’s writers.
A number of droplets were talking among clouds.
“If I fall down to the Earth, I will water apple trees,” said one of the drops. “If apple trees are watered with a lot of water, they will give a lot of ripen fruit.”
“I will water flowers,” said another drop, “flowers smell so nicely after being watered.”
“I will… I will,” other drops also said pursuing their dreams.
Scared droplets sprang down one by one. Our little Droplet was one of them. While falling, it looked down and saw trees as small as peas and it was grateful. “Thank you, God, soon I shall be in the garden,” said Droplet to itself. Then it dropped on the ground in a second. The trees that seemed small actually were poplars. “To water the ground a lot of water is needed,” sighed Droplet. “They will swallow me at once and nobody will ever notice my existence. Besides, they have neither flowers nor fruit. My life will be wasted…” Thinking like that, it fell down to the ground and mingling with the soil, it saw a seed between leaves.
“Hey, who are you?” Asked Droplet. The seed didn’t answer. “It is spring, why are you not growing?” Droplet asked again. It remembered that dry seeds cannot grow. Maybe it needs water. Droplet moistened the seed and waited a little bit. After a while, a very thin root started popping out from the seed.
“Water-r-r!” Begged the seed.
Droplet went closer to the seed. The root started to drink the water and Droplet disappeared. Then it flowed towards the swelled sprout. Droplet noticed that the seed was very lazy and did not want to grow.
“Hey, lazy bone, you need to stir quickly. Otherwise, you will be late for this spring,” Droplet pretended, “if you don’t grow with the help of warm spring rain, hot summer beams will dry you up.” Droplet’s words were reasons for growing green leaves from sprouts. Droplet skinned between sprouts and leaves and hurried them. Finally, the sprout started bedding.
“Thank you, God,” said Droplet. “Hey, burgeon, blossom soon!”
“Why are you in such a hurry?” Asked the bud displeasingly. “I haven’t chosen my color yet, besides I need to prepare a fragrant smell.”
“Is it so difficult?” Asked Droplet in an astonished way. Burgeon didn’t answer and turned out, feeling offended.
“I can help in choosing your color if you want,” Droplet volunteered, but burgeon didn’t answer again.
.And thus some days passed. This time was very boring for Droplet. It was astonished by the bud’s pride. “I shouldn’t have woken up that seed. I spent so much effort and time in order to make it grow, but it wouldn’t even talk to me and say thank you,” said Droplet to itself.
More days passed. One day Droplet woke up earlier but it did not feel like getting up as it did not have a wish to see that proud-spirited bud.
“Good morning, Droplet!” A very beautiful voice was heard. Droplet saw that the proud bud had turned into a very beautiful flower. “I smell so fragrantly… and my violet petals are so mild… Droplet, do you recognize me?” The flower grinned. “I am Violet!”
“Of course, I know you,” Droplet uttered and did not know what else to say.
“Thank you for your help,” said Violet. “Without you, I would have dried.”
Violet tilted. Droplet flowed through Violet hugging its petals. Violet smelled so fragrantly that Droplet shivered. The sky was crystal clear. The beams of the sun shined upon little Droplet while it felt that it was getting thinner. It melted into thin air and disappeared.
“So, my life has not been wasted,” it thought and flew towards the clouds that were floating in the sky. A gentle wind was blowing a violet-scented aroma spreading it up the sky, to the clouds.
Early morning… A Chinese rose in the pot was thinking to blossom or not. A gray mouse was staring at this flower.
At this very moment, a noise was heard from the window. The mouse looked fearfully.
Opposite the window, there was an oak-tree. On the oak-tree, a cat was meowed raising its paws upwards. Above the cat, there was magpies’ box. They chirped loudly and pecked the poor cat from any side.
“We need to peck this scoundrel! He is sorrow for our children, glutton!”
Although the cat seemed mild, she knew that it eats newborn nestlings or eggs of birds. Several times the cat escaped, but this time magpies will not let him go without punishment.
“I will peck on your eye so that will not see nestlings anymore” –said one of the magpies angrily.
The magpie aimed the cat’s eye, but every time it failed. At one attempt, it pecked and hurt the cat’s ear. The cat didn’t want to be punished though being guilty. It meowed audibly and attacked at magpie. But the cat was fat and the branch of the tree couldn’t hold the cat. It lost balance and fell down.
The cat went into basement limping and meowing loudly by hurt or loss. But magpies didn’t finish and followed the cat and kept pecking, threatening not to be close to the tree.
The gentle wind came through open windows and faced an old man that was writing surrounding himself with a pile of papers, but the wind didn’t want to interrupt the old man and lowered its speed.
Deafened from magpies noise gray mouse looked at the wind gloomily. The wind was not afraid of a mouse, but naturally, it did not want to argue and went back to stroke the old man’s silver hair and thick eyebrows.
It stroked the old man’s wrinkled face and went away through windows. You feel better in latitudes, where nobody will interrupt and look gloomily.
The mouse was happy with wind’s departure and glanced at the old man, who even didn’t notice the wind. Afterward, it went closer to Chinese rose and carried on staring.
The mouse calls itself Grey as nobody named it. From its birth, it’s been living in this double-stored house’s small burrow. It can’t remember its parents and how he came there. It knows only that it lives here. It calls “father” the old man and everybody, who surround him. For this reason, it called the old man as a “father”. Its father sits and writes all the time. If we don’t count his watching TV he spends all his life at this writing desk in the terrace.
Father always writes something and sometimes he starts to read aloud what he wrote. When he does so, Grey understands that its father finished a new story for children.
Grey likes Father’s stories because it learns about new places from stories. Not only Grey liked stories, but also sparrows that lived in oak and make noise always calm down and listened to Father’s stories.
Nimble swallow also wants to listen, but it is always busy with doing something. That’s why it hears only some sentences from beginning, the middle and the end:
“A piece of snow entered the room through the window… came near the refrigerator… couldn’t help himself and ate it.”
“Why? Why the piece of snow ate the refrigerator?” – Asked swallow making much noise.
In fact, Father’s story tells that when snow falls through the window a sweet-tooth boy ate the last piece of cake that was for his father, who was on duty that night. Opening the refrigerator, the boy astonished.
Sparrow couldn’t stand swallow flying from here to there and started to argue:
“Sit down somewhere and listen to story attentively! Or else fly away and don’t interrupt others to listen.” Birds’ quarrels often end with swallow’s departure and hunting mosquitoes.
“I hate slow sparrow! – Complained swallow to Grey. I can’t stand their advice while they can’t do anything.’ But one thing always caught its attention Father’s furry pairs of socks that are never taken off. The strong smell of furry socks tickles mouse’s nose. Grey’s teeth itch willing to gnaw the socks. It hardly stopped itself gnawing the furry sock.
No, Grey shouldn’t gnaw the socks and make a hole. Since Father’s legs hurt and that’s why he puts on his socks all the time. Before going to bed, he takes off his socks and smears some ointments. Moaning he massages his legs long, puts his socks on and bills to sleep this very time, Grey stand at the wall and looks at Father. It creak his teeth from the smell of furry socks, but…
A loud knock on the door interrupted mouse’s thoughts. It took his eyes from Chinese roses and looked at Father, who was still writing on his desk. The knock’s voice increased. As Father was deeply busy with his work, he didn’t notice the knock. Understanding this, Grey went closer to the desk hurrying.
As Father saw Grey, he stopped writing and looked at it. He smiled with his wrinkled face “Oh, my poor little mouse, are you hungry? I’m also hungry, maybe I’ll eat something” – he told.
The poor knocked again and Father heard the woman’s voice, who sells sour milk: “Are you at home, Father?”
“Coming, I’m coming!” – told Father and stood up learning on the desk.
Before Father, Grey creped to the flour and ran towards the door. Father followed it pulling his slippers.
“You are very fast”, – looking at Grey that was waiting for him. Then he unlocked the door.
“I thought, you weren’t at home, I was just going away!” – the thin woman said not hiding anger from keeping waiting for so long.
“I was on a terrace, I didn’t hear”, – said Father justifying himself, then he gave a glass to the woman.
“So, you should install a doorbell on your door” – complained the woman pouring milk.
“Ok, I will…”
Father shook his head silently. Grey also repeated Father’s mime.
Some time ago there was a doorbell on the door. When it rang, Grey came first than Father. Mostly, here came people either who were lost or tried to sell unnecessary things.
Father always hurried to open the door, but then his legs hurt him for a long time. For this reason, his daughter, who often visits him, took the doorbell away and told him that he shouldn’t answer to all visitors and if she came, she would call and warn about her visit.
The woman went, and then Father came up to the kitchen and looked at Grey that was creeping between his legs:
“Now, we will dunk milk!”
Grey’s black eyes shined: “Milk? Mice never drink milk. Why Grey should drink?”
On Father’s TV, they show mice that are crazy from cheeses small. It’s nonsense!
Maybe some mice like cheese and often are victims of it, but it doesn’t mean that all mice adore hopeful cheese that ruffles the teeth.
Father’s daughter often visits him and always brings much sweets and food. There would be some cheese also. Father always tries to feast mouse and gives a slice of cheese, but he surprised that the slice of cheese in order to show his dislike to his Father.
The smell of milk held the terrace. Father made tea and sprinkled some rice and bread to the corner. Grey’s eyes shined as some idea came to his mind.
“My little, come on! Let’s eat something. Then we will write a tale about a mouse that ewe in writer’s home” – he said in a joyful voice.
Gray was happy as Father was going to write a new tale and Grey was happier as the new story would be about itself.
While Gray was running towards the bread, Father’s telephone rang. He scorched for the phone along, looking each his pocket.
“Father, we are going to our country house. We will take you with ourselves” – said his daughter after greeting.
“I will not, go and enjoy yourselves! – he said. You always work selling and seldom move, that’s why your legs always hurt. It would be better if do some activity and change atmosphere.”
“I wanted to write a new tale…”
At this very moment, a voice came from street exceeded their conversation.
“Maybe you’ll regale?”
Gray was afraid and looked at windows. A fat magpie was sitting on oak’s branch.
“Hey, mouse, I’m talking to you! – Magpie yelled. Are you deaf? Are not you hearing me? I’ll not reject if you share your bread.”
“Come and eat, rice is enough for me”, – said Gray generously.
“I want to be treated not only eat your bread, there’s a big difference” – magpie yelled louder.
“Okay”, – said Gray not hiding his misunderstanding.
“All right, I will not explain if you didn’t understand. Give me bread!”
Magpie entered through windows briskly took the bread and flew away without thanking. When Gray looked after the magpie, it had already flown away.
“All right, my dear. I’ll be ready until you come”, – said Father.
Gray couldn’t catch what Father said. Then it understood that Father agreed to go with his daughter to the country house. If Father goes with his daughter who will write the story about the mouse?
Father looked at the sky and the sun that was giving its beam generously and sighed.
“What can you do if you have such a capricious daughter? – he complained. We will go to the country. What can I do, will post phone the tale. You can eat your food. I will prepare my thing for the country. My daughter will come soon. You know, she’s very dexterous.”
Yes, Gray knows Father’s daughter well. Feruza is portly adroit and she visits her father almost every week when she came her joyful voice holds the home. Feruza tidies the house, washes and irons clothes and informs his father with new information. During this, she complains about his father’s motionless lifestyle. Gray sits in his hole bored with this case.
When Father entered his room and opened his cloth shelf, the phone rang again.
“Oh, my God, my daughter should lower telephone’s voice, – said Father and went towards the door. It seems she has come.”
As usual, Gray rushed to the door and sat at the comer.
As he opened the door, Feruza’s joyful voice was heard.
“We are finally here!”
Feruza’s children Javohir and Lola rushed into the house to greet their grandfather.
“Grandpa, grandpa, come onto the country house”, – they hurried Father holding his hands.
“My dear, it would be better if I stay here, go yourself wish your children”, – he murmured.
“You must be bored here alone, it’s better if you change the atmosphere, – Feruza said without paying attention to his Father’s complaint. I will prepare your things myself while you play with grandchildren…”
Feruza hasn’t finished talking when Javohir saw Gray at the corner.
“Mouse! Mouse!” – he cried.
“Where?! Where?!” – Feruza and Lola yelled. Lola cried in such loud voice that Gray’s eyes fogged. All of a sudden, Gray saw Javohir approaching it with hands. Scared Gray started to run any side.
I need to run down, run down so that this boy could not catch.
“Don’t touch! Don’t touch! – repeated Father trying to calm down his daughter and granddaughter. Don’t touch, it’s my mouse, it’s my domestic!”
Gray ran away and hid somewhere. It listened to dull voices that were coming from far away.
“Don’t cry, your father will be worried if he hears”, – told on Feruza.
“Dad, be quick, your groom is waiting in a car. After going to a country house, I know myself what to do with this mouse. There’s no difference it is domestic or not. In fact, it has rodent and we need to kill off it. There are such companies, with a call, they’ll come and do disinfection.”
Suddenly Gray noticed so stuff that surrounded it was raised. Gray did not know that he hid between Father’s folded towels. Feruza accidently took the towel, where Gray hid.
Gray was terribly scared but kept silence. Feruza even didn’t notice Gray between towels, put towels in the pocket and went away. Voices were vague for Gray. It didn’t understand the voices. All it wanted was to know what would happen there.
The country house
Gray fell asleep as between towels it was warm. Towels, where Gray was lying didn’t movie. Various kinds of strange smell surrounded it. But it couldn’t hear people’s and noisy children’s voices.
Gray slowly lumbered from towels. Its snout started to smell the car. There was a lot of odors, from which its snout blew out. But it could not find children’s and Father’s smell.
Gray calmed down and got out of pocket in which were towels, clothes and other things that Father needed. The pocket was on round table among other different, big, small pockets. Some pockets smell delicious as they were filled with food and sweets. Although being hungry, Gray last appetite from unexpected events and commotion. For this reason, it didn’t waste time to smell pockets and tried to find out where it was.
Gray creped on round table’s legs. The door was open that’s it easily got out of the room. The narrow and long corridor had two other doors, but they were closed. Gray knew that this corridor would lead to a yard.
Gray went down slimming on downstairs that were at the door. Now it stood apple trees and cherry trees. Cherries were a little bit ripe, but grapes and apples were unripe and green.
It was very hot, the sun was shining brightly, there was no wind, but cherry-trees’ branches were shaking. Gray soon realized why branches were shaking. Javohir standing on tree’s branch was tearing out unripe cherries and throwing to Lola, who was standing down the tree and putting cherries in her pocket.
Now that Gray understood what “country house” is. It was lower and had the even yard. Besides, it had trees full of fruits.
Along with Father’s house, there are also apricot and cherry trees, but children that live there eat away all fruits, when they are green. The destiny of cherry tree is the same. Gray had never seen ripe cherries.
Suddenly, gray remembered his Father. Oh, my God, where is he?! It looked around to find Father. On another side of the house, there is tomato, eggplant and pepper were growing. In the middle part of the yard roses, chamomiles, basil, and other flowers were blossoming, over flowers, bees and bumble-bees were hissing.
Chamomile was busy to calm down honey bee and bumble bee that were arguing on chamomile: Stop arguing, – begged it, – I have enough nectar for both of you, why are you quarreling?
“I came here first, so I’m chief”, – said bumble bee hardly from the full stomach, – honey bee should come after my going!
“I am closer to chamomile, I visit it every day” – claimed honey bee while threatening with its sting.
“You come every day to feed yourself, ok?” – yelled bumble bee.
“You also come for your stomach, – honey bee tried to exceed, – but I strive for people, but you always think about yourself, you are selfish.”
“Oh, my God, is there anybody to calm them down?” – wailed chamomile.
Gray was sorry for chamomile, it came near to help and started to listen to the argument of the honeybee and bumblebee, whose quarrel only rose:
“I’ll tear off your sting”, – threatened bumblebee.
“I’ll tear off your head”, – yelled honey bee.
Chamomile lowered its head sadly ready to burst into cry.
Gray thought how to help chamomile.
Gray can’t expel them because flower’s stem is too weak to hold a mouse. If gray yell’s, quarrel’s won’t even hear.
At last, Gray found a way to help the flower. It started to shake flower’s stem, biting it accurately as if it was blowing.
Chamomile itself was scared from this situation.
“Who are you? What are you doing?” – It yelled looking down.
“Don’t be afraid, I’m trying to expel them”, – replied gray.
“How can you do that?” – Asked chamomile suspiciously.
“Stay still, I’ll help you, don’t worry”, – assured Gray.
In spite of Gray’s assurance, chamomile’s fear raised, it was being shaken more strongly. Bumble bee and honey bee thought that strong wind started to blow and decided to fly away.
“Thank you”, – whispered.
“Not at all, call whenever you need me”, – said gray proudly.
“All right, – replied chamomile. hey, who are you?” – Asked chamomile when the mouse went far from it.
“I’m a mouse”, – Gray answered.
Suddenly, Gray remembered that it was looking for Father. It felt hunger. Because today it didn’t eat anything. Firstly, it gave its bore to a magpie, then Feruza came, then it hid between towels…
Gray looked at children that were troubling cherry-tree. Definitely, Father wasn’t there. There is no need to go near children that make much noise. Maybe, he is having a rest after a long way. Father likes to sleep turning on TV…
With these thoughts, Gray went towards rooms. When it was going on the rough-stored yard, suddenly, somebody stepped on its tail. From the unexpected event, gray nearly faltered. Hardly enchased it turned about and saw a big rat.
Gray had never seen rats before, but at first sight, it knew what malice is. Rat’s small black eyes, crooked teeth that were smiling, dirty fur made Gray’s imagination more unpleasant.
Gray stood still thinking, but the rat thought that mouse was afraid that’s why it can’t move. With these thoughts, rat realized mouse’s tale. Afterward, it smiled thinking something that it knows only itself and licked its paw that smelled with the mouse.
Gray sighed noticed its tale was realized.
“Well, little mouse, from where did you come and where are you hurrying?” – the rat asked having licked its paw.
“Hey, mouse, run away faster! – cried some bird flying over there, – don’t be stupid!”
“Run, run away! This Lame will eat you!” – other birds also accompanied.
“Who is Lame?” – Yelled rat while looking above.
Gray also looked above. Some sparrows were sitting on apple tree’s branches and chirping without the turn. Their noise holds everywhere.
“You are yourself Lame! Now I’ll tear off your tails, chop your eggs and drunk with pleasure!” – the rat yelled and ran towards the tree.
Gray was shocked by the events and noise.
At this very moment, a flock of birds flew up the sky from branches. The rat reached the tree and started to climb nimbly. Then Gray realized that rat’s tale was half and with its other parts it was climbing on the tree.
“Hey, credulous mouse, ran away immediately! – said one of the spare rats flyings close to Gray – we are arguing with rat so as to help you, what are you waiting? Does it come back? Run away!”
Sparrow flew lower over mouse’s head and smacked Gray with its wings. Then Gray understood what was going around and ran away.
Gray ran a long time. it didn’t even know where to run. All it knew was that it should be far from there.
While running, Gray came across some black mild creature and stopped. Gray tried hard to run away, but that mild something didn’t give it move. Gray did his best to be released from that mild hard something, but at that time Gray saw that some black creature which had many thick furry legs was approaching it.
“Welcome! – the black creature grinned. Welcome my new guest.”
Although black creature seemed gentle, some kind of fear, horror was hidden in it. Gray wasn’t afraid of the spider because it felt there was something horrible under its kind attitude.
“You are enough for a month, I suppose – spider grinned. I’ll burst from obesity.”
“Who are you?” – Finally asked scared Gray.
“Don’t you know me, really?”
Some unpleasant voice was heard while spider didn’t finish its speech.
“Hey, move back! I can’t catch you! Are you deaf? Move back! Are you are a mouse, I am talking to you!”
Finally, Gray understood that voice was for it. Gray understood that voice was for it. Gray was shocked by the events that had been occurring from the morning and couldn’t think about anything. Later it heard a voice coming from its legs and looked there. Gray noticed some sharp teeth were plunging its legs and were pushing it to darkness.
“I weave such firm web, nobody can do it”, – boasted spider. Started tearing and it was losing its victim. Spider started to cry: “Hey, where are you going, don’t tear my web, scoundrel!”
But the web was already torn and Gray was already on the land. Only its head was seen, Gray’s body was under the earth.
“I am terribly sorry, I didn’t want” – Gray replied.
Gray was overlaid with darkness.
The Mouse’s family
They pulled Gray a lot in darkness. Poor mouse was so terribly shocked by today’s events that didn’t resist to be pulled Gray was numb from fear and horror and wasn’t able to think what was happening around. Gray only waited what would happen as if it was in Father’s tales. The creature that was pulling Gray silently and was heard the only hard breathing of something like whistling. The voice was wispy and thread.
Suddenly, it became lighter and brighter and Gray’s eyes became blind from lightening. Finally, it hardly opened its eyes and saw a number of strange mice. In fact, they also were as simple mouse as Gray, but they were a little bit bigger had a line from their head to bottom. Their furs color was from light brown to dark brown.
“This is a domestic mouse! – whistled one of the mice. Interesting, where has it from?”
“Some people came to the house, maybe it come together”, – said another mouse.
“Very strange mouse, – breathing heavily said the mouse that pulled Gray in darkness. It was thin and tall. It is stupid or clumsy. I don’t know. I saw it creeping between cruel rat’s legs that brawl even with cats. But it’s lucky, careless sparrows saved this silly mouse including Lame rat.”
I was glad to see the mouse escape when, as usual, rat started to quarrel with sparrows. Then it began to run toward wicked spider’s web. I couldn’t catch up with. Then it was wrapped by spider’s web. We, even yard mice never come close do spider’s web… wild mouse showed it’s disappointed by raining its dark black snout. It was the pity that spider noticed our underground way thanks to this gullible. I saw how spider’s web was torn, so it must find another place to weave. At the time we need to dig another way.
“Don’t fuss, the spider is not smart to understand what is happening, – a huge wild mouse calmed down it. Besides, spider’s sight is bad. It notices its victims by vibrating webs. Spider didn’t even realize how you escaped. I saw neither you nor your underground way. It only knew its web way torn.”
“I’ll promise, it will weave more slender and slim web tomorrow. We all are admired by its industry although it’s cruel! Ok, maybe we will stop wasting time complaining and introduce ourselves?!”
Shocked Gray nodded. A big wild mouse called himself spur tooth. They started to introduce other its friends: Dogtooth, Nimble, Hainy, Joint…
Gray started at them hoping to remember their names. Dog tooth’s teeth were crooked, it was thin. Nimble that pulled Gray from darkness, Joint has two lines on its skin.
“There is a small difference between domestic and wild mice”, – said Dogtooth, “But we are many here. We live friendly. Welcome to our family!”
“I need to go back, to Father…” – Gray uttered.
“Don’t say nonsense! – cried Nimbly. Your Father is the human being. We can’t rely on people. They will poison at any time.”
“No, he will not, – rejected Gray. He is very kind, he writes tales. Then he reads his stories to me and sparrows…”
“Don’t be stupid, – said Nimble discomposed, – among us lives a domestic mouse. We found him among rubbish when we lived in suburban places, where fields begin. It told us how people hated us, they always tried to poison or put mousetrap. Besides, they keep a dangerous monster called cat!”
“After that, we settled here in order to be away from people, – Dogtooth interrupted Nimble’s words. But we didn’t know that people also would come and even build houses…”
“If you don’t believe us, I can talk to that old domestic mouse. Its family was poisoned by people. It will tell you how people hate mice”, – said tall spur tooth.
Gray confused. It never believed that kind Father, who always called him “little”, even talked to it, would poison Gray somebody. Yet, it didn’t want to hurt mice’s heart that saved its life from cruel spider’s web. I’ll visit that domestic mouse today as a sign of gratitude, tomorrow I’ll find the place that’s called country house by Father’s daughter. – thought Gray itself…
“All right. Others may so. I with Nimble introduce our guest”, – said spur tooth.
Wild mice immediately spread over high grass. Gray, Spur tooth, and Nimble went to an old domestic mouse.
On the way, Spur tooth described wild mice’s lifestyle. If they saw wild mice running among high grass, Spur tooth introduced them to Gray. There were so many wild mice that Gray couldn’t even remember their names.
Nimble talked much about insects, ants, and birds that were flying and creeping over. Gray was astonished to know so many creatures like beautiful gentle unique and a dragonfly and very hazardous centipede.
“You know nothing about life, my friend, – said Spur tooth not hiding its surprise, It’s very difficult to live in the field if you know. There is a sky fox that hunts everything such as mice, nare, and bird when it’s hungry. It doesn’t resist even grasshoppers and fruits.”
“There are also falcon and owl that are a foe of will mice, – said Nimble, You’ll need to learn how to escape from predator’s claw to take them fool or to hide if you live with us.”
“Do you see a hole down this hill? – said Spur tooth when they came close to a short hill, – the old domestic mouse lives here.”
The old mouse hurried to look at:
“Gray, is it you, my son, my dear son?”
“I… I am…”
The old mouse looked at Nimble and spur tooth that was shocked by events:
“This is my son Gray. I thought it had been poisoned by people. Thank God, it is alive.”
Then mother mouse started to explain what’s happening: “Your father, you and two your brothers used to live in one of the high multistory houses. One day we saw fragrantly smelling wheat corns were strewn over our corner. Your brothers and dad started to eat. You were very young and weak that’s why I was busy with you and we fell behind. At last, I reached them and was just going to eat when I heard your father’s cry: “Don’t eat them, they are poisoned.” Saying this, it also already died. I wanted to save you. but sank into a faint. When I opened my eyes, I found myself among wild mice.
Then I realized that people kill mice with poisoned wheat.”
“But, Father is not merciless! – Gray resisted. Father calls me “little”, feeds me, reads tales…”
“We can’t rely on people, – mother mouse nodded, – we also lived with them in their house, in the hole built by us!”
Suddenly, Gray remembered Father’s daughter’s words: “… I’ll call companies that poison rodents, they’ll poison immediately…” Maybe, its mother was right?!
Gray stood on the dilemma. On one side it didn’t want to leave Father, on another side, it did want to live with its mother and wild mice that are close to it.
It was hard to make a decision. I had better live in fields among its relatives rather than to live alone in Father’s home.
So, Gray didn’t search Father. Gray will live with its mother, new family and a number of new relatives. It also has little children. During long winter night, Gray gathers children and retells Father’s tales. They love easy and pure tales that were written for children. Sometimes, other wild mice come to listen to Gray’s tales.
“Your tales are wonderful”, – admires spur tooth.
“They are not mine, they are Father’s”, – opposes Gray.
“You are telling them, so they are yours”, – ingeminated spur tooth capriciously.
They often argued about this term, for this reason, Gray thought it would be unfair if it told tales as if they were its own. So, Gray started to tell about his life among people.
Wild mice listened to Gray with pleasure. It told about the life in easily, brawler sparrows, boaster swallow, warlike magpie and brazen cockroaches that sometimes came to Father’s home. They didn’t notice how long wintered nights passed.
Sometime later, mice forgot its real name Gray and started to call “Narrator mouse” or just narrator.
Gray liked its new name and every time when it heard name “narrator”, it remembered Father that always sat at writing desk busy with tales. Gray felt that missed Father much…

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