PLAGUE / Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis
There is a star
who insists on guiding me
on paths, I don’t know.
I’ve been so punished,
so misunderstood,
so badly treated,
victim of violence and bullying,
these are paths that I have lived,
that I know well
and are ingrained in my core.
Now I’m cautious,
because I still feel the stiletto
stuck in my flesh.
There were pains that I catapulted
to the dungeons
of my subconscious.
A recent loss
painful and irreversible
made all the submerged pain emerge
that I thought was resolved.
Our subconscious
works like the hard drive
where is everything
properly filed.
We forget trivial things,
what is so insignificant
that it’s not worth archiving,
what conditioned us,
sucked our blood,
made us climb the barbed wire
and made us as we are,
it will never be forgotten.
Yes, forgiven, never forgotten.
The memories
remain unchanged
from the moment
that the facts happened.
My executioners
were also my sculptors.
We are the work of our experiences …
Ancient pains rose to memory
and they took over my retina
and I saw the same movie again.
The claw of another pain
ripped the scab from the wound.
I feel like screaming
tear me out of these memories
and be free again!
It’s snowing outside and it’s cold,
a white cloak covers the night.
I crossed my hands
pressing them against my chest
and my cry tore through the night
and wounded the snow white blanket
leaving it tainted by the plague
that contaminates man’s heart!
© Maria Dulce Leitão Reis
Copyright 1/10/21

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