Poems by Kamrul Islam

Poems by Kamrul Islam
Soliloquy Of A Talented Crow
A narrow ladder comes down from the sky
I_ who am the silent leaf of an old book that
drinks water of the lithe to forget to mystify
the sins of long swayed forefathers.
Sinking into oblivion, the flowery race smartly
embraces the sorrows groomed well in vile
debate of somber blinks of servitude.
How can I find space to restore the milk
of the cow grazing in foul weather
that bluntly decodes the hidden landscape
of evergreen mind…?
The soliloquy of a talented crow reveals the truth
Of undying falsehood and blatantly cancels my death
( throwing ‘to be or not to be ‘ into dustbin)
unfurling occult dances in rains and floated rituals…
Love In Chilling Winds
The biting cold cannot lessen the warmth of love,
if emerges from the storms and fires of breasts.
Snowflakes captivated by sunrise,
chilling winds and drizzling…
Love , the eternal unalloyed flow of soul
lost in the den of motionless hearts.
Though the lawn and the creepers
masked with snowballs, the dark fogs
make the pathway silent and unknown
hinder to go out for dating or mating,
igniting benign bloods in amorous veins
one can reach the vibrant herbaria,
feel the radiance of desolate soul.
In winter the feelings of love
passing through the essence
make us restless breaking the silence of passion
then we traverse the hidden doors frozen, chaotic
with diverse emotions in gray and greens…
Copyright@Kamrul Islam

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