VIOLETS’ MANIFESTATIONS – Oh violets oh!! / Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash
Oh violets oh!!
Violets!! Oh violets!!
Why violets? Oh why!!?
Oh violets oh!!
Yah, oh violets oh!!
Violets have a long history
Growing and infinitive
They are of beautiful types and colors
Wonderful and do not accept the alternatives
Violets brightly decorate the plains
The valleys and the mountains
They take rest on the hills and the sandy beaches
Fill the gardens and the groves
Some are white, others are yellow
Some are wild, others are tri-color
Some grow in the forests, others grow in the fields
Some are flowers, others are trees
Their fragrance refreshes the hearts and minds
Violets are the melodies of the long palms
The warm whisper of hope
The tickle of the fresh gushing water
Hearts beating with love
Usually optimistic, not pessimistic
And never be depressed
Violets are homing pigeon cooers
The twitters of birds enjoying freedom
The playing of the charming guitars
In all the circumstances, they are near not far
Reassuring peace and stable security
Violets are an auspicious past
Smiling and pure present and a blissful future
An impressionable pride and so high in the sky
Blessed by the angels
By the people all around
And by God before both of them
Violets look like the cute young girls
Crowds of dancers on wonderful dance halls
Generations after generations of companions
Renewal after renewal of a magic Parisian perfume
Compassionate and loving hearts and celibate lovers
Violets have their own styles, signs and rituals
They are the cause and the solution
The source of inspiration
The disease and recovery
The medicine, treatment and care
Violets are the truth and reality
Neither a heresy nor a lie
They are miracles
Upside down standards
Seeking and obeying violets, everything with you turns well
Violets are the dew and flamboyance
Sweetness and kindness
Delicacy and glamour
Permanent presence
Brilliance and handsomeness
Glowing and cresting
Spinning the robe of love
Violets are Fire, light and water
Dust and air
Flood of spirits that transcend the sky
The chain and the title of glory and dignity
The judgment of the place and time
The illuminated dreams
Violets are abounding longings
Perfumed scattered whispers
Noble, courageous and brazen
Generous to the extent of altruism
Bold, brave and mighty knights
They attack bravely and do not flee
Violets have glowing radiance and luminous energy
Never being harmed by simplicity or ignorance
Need no more awareness or nobility to shine and glitter
Their lights depend on their gorgeous gestures
With them you get justice, safety and integrity
Courage, affliction and power
They are bouquets which snuff out in the vases
Violets!! Oh violets!!
Why violets? Oh why!!?
Oh violets oh!!
Yah, oh violets oh!!

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