Poems by Kamrul Islam

Poems by Kamrul Islam
A Blind Mirror
A blind mirror residing in alcove of bindweeds
recite pains in tune with the winter clouds ,
in evening the reflections weep in bleak winds.
The leaves of trees echo the hymns of earth,
my spines loosening through ethereal songs,
bind me to the threads of your hem,
carve the pangs and sorrows on the white stone
of your breast, too much aquatic .
Your starry eyes I worship at midnight’s dream,
a lonely boat floats on the butterfly river,
my love is a snowflake melts and sings
in deep agonized sleeps of old vintage.
My love is a dove’s wings wounded and blooded
by gusty winds in stormy evening,
swims in the tears of your eyes and reaches
the soul where the prayers of broken heart lodges,
finds the lost dreams wrapped in sheer silence.
Your parched lips being drenched in divine dew
creep towards the days netted to the dissipated
window panes, a blind mirror narrates the tale…
Avane-Garde Kites
Why does the bell ring in the shadow
of the old smiles of an invisible boat ?
Where will you get such a salubrious net
to trap the traveling fate?
Our sleeps die forgetting the promise
of dawn that carried the healthy mast and ropes
in its shining box.
A viper dances in the garden of my
lost terrain, avane-garde kites fly
beside the hermitage to guide the times
to the land of new foliage to petrify
the unreal public and the sound
of nocturnal jokes.
My frugal memories betray
the old oars cannot do
the water hosts the silent journey of sands,
How will I save the herbarium with the
dried up Ganges ?
The magic of sewn sails does not go so far
to resist the nonsense scars expanded lavishly
to the dreams of enormous tales…
Copyright@Kamrul Islam

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