Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
I am lonely-
another Spring blooms
without you
If I had wings
If I had wings
And I could fly
I’d watch over you
Wherever I’d go
your kindness
Dedicated my best Romanian friend Vasile
your goodness
your kindness
brings tears to my eyes
your beautiful soul has
captured my heart
you are the best treasure
I love you truly
You are my heart beat
I love you more and more
Every day
I write
My words
Like a water
How sweet..
You left me
Am I lonely?
Oh how sweet
but trust me for I know
my love is deep
my love is true
and it will never fade
so tell me now
and tell me true
do you love me too
Who I am
Who I am
an helpless man
one line poem
little flame
bright light
a wild flower
burning heat
pouring rain
dusty room
who I am
beautiful world –
flowers look at us
with love
your name is flower
dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
every morning
your name
is honey
on my lips
every afternoon
your name
is flower
on my lips
every night
your name
is beautiful melody
om my lips
You are
the most
beautiful thing,
in my life
I melt
Your kindness
Amazes me
Your sweetness
Soothes me
I drown in your smile
I melt in your eyes
your love
Your Love
Would destroy me
If I let it
But I won’t let it

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