Poems by Molly Molz Thokwana



Poems by Molly Molz Thokwana






If tomorrow comes
tell my weaknesses i fought world wars
in amuse to the trials that rave my motion

tell them
my battle
was not in the streets
but i walked in humid
to revolt

a revolution
that Ralph sermons of peace
i sang songs that only my senses could reveal

tell them
that my eyes reflected a motion of wage
and if tomorrow comes

i thank the grace for another day.







The sun
reflects my path
beneath it
i see patches that only remind me
of dawns and ways

The love i never had
a memory that could totally change my life
a melody that only prophecies could reveal
the sanes that only poetry understands
a distance that not even the heavens describe

a feeling that not even the winds could blow
a walk that doesnt have an end
but raven

a miracle we hope for…





POEM-my heart


my heart resembles
a still memory,
a sound only the past can tell
Pain does not affect me anymore
i only mumble alone hoping my trials
never bothered. Daily i walk on a moment
i sometimes recapture, a moment i can not feel but see

A sound that only could tell
me why it sermons to me
I resemble a still memory
Even joy i sometimes hear about it,
i see joy in the darkest places,
my joy hides railed between
a vast i can not see through but see,
my heart resembles a still memory.

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