Poems by Sare Gjergji

sare gjergji

Poems by Sare Gjergji





Your ashamed goal: sand
the square of my plasma
neither blood nor water

in aquariums of sand
silvery fish dead wishes

where could I find myself
I don’t even have dreams no more.




Come and see me pale on the face
Promised land of the arts on the night gown
White teeth on pieces of meat everywhere on the horizon
The world’s tear in my eyes
In the pain that hides in every human cell
See the real face of the world, victorious on nothing

Between the poetry and a poet a universe separates, Poet
Here we have forgotten that in beginning was the Word
Disoriented in our paths
Border between ash and art we confuse
more evidence for the angelic face of evil.
Language of my father was depending
Who does not mock with the art today?
Come again, please
Cause the word has fallen low here
In the dry land of our mind
Give the muse as a gift!




Landscape of a land

(Prayer to Mother Teresa)


Come, on this earth
where criminals are made heroes
and the sanctity is damaged
where people have lost the taste
of water, soil and salt
where faithful love they do not want
neither the light

Come here
where sacrifice is useless act
where Homer, Buzuku, Shakespeare, Baudelaire are profaned …
where alienation of mind alters the head
And the alienation of the soul converts the human being

Come on this earth – the world of yours
that recognizes only generals
where it is played with your name
stuck in statue
where life is nourished with metaphors

Come, I am pleasing you so, come once again
see how a man dies in the modern world
and how the elected of people cough

They have locked our Spirit in warehouses of parties
terra nulius – the value – ex nihilo
O Come,
come and pray a lot
for priests and Muslim priests.



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