Poems by Edmond Shallvari / Translated by Raimonda Moisiu and Monika Hyseni



Poems by Edmond Shallvari





Extraneous day,

So do I!

We both are speechless,

Waiting for the night,

That pushes me being greedily.

Again and again,

The night leaves behind the day

There lies upon my body,

Then, I come to myself,

Making love with nudity of night.

They vanished our daytime,

The lifetime,

Living, only with the gloominess.


we wiped out the night,

Illuminating the darkness,

With the light beam, of our spirits!


Translated by Raimonda Moisiu






Shhhh quiet!!!

You are free to talk!?

Shhhh, don’t speak!!!

You are free to open!?


Pss dont move!!!

You are free to walk!?

Pssssss if you want

be fed by two mothers!!!


Shhh what you think

sea has replaced milk?

Psssss you poor thing

It would be more than enough!!!


Translated by  Monika Hyseni




What If


What if eyes could see

What ears do hear

What if ears could listen

What eyes see


Stillness would go mad

Madness even more


What if the heart could beat

The pain inside it

What if it hurts

beatings of hearts


Love would be a person

A person the love of it life


What if living could cause dying


What if death wants the life living

World would love more itself


Itself, would love more this world


 Translated by Monika Hyseni


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