Poems by Miradije Ramiqi


Miradije Ramiqi

Miradije Ramiqi


Miradije Ramiqi, Pozharan, 1953, KOSOVO a poet and painter, is an already well-known artist. Apart from her participation in numerous fine arts individual and collective exhibitions, she has published the following books of poetry: “Shivering Colors” (1981), “Rain in the Mirror” (1990) and “Kingdom Whisper” (1990), “The  return of the broken silence” 2008.




Poems by Miradije Ramiqi



On the Crossroad


Now I don’t know

yet have I descend within myself


Or I have gone out of it


With one more tear

I have taken this road

To get there once

Without getting old from waiting


On the crossroad

From where I ’m being chased thro ugh wrinkles

That the longing steadily increases them


New I don’t know

Have I gone out myself

Or I’m closed in it




I’m Undressing the Nightgown


From where in this white room

Barricades  made of cats’ nails

At the Studio starts to drip the sadness


The blood my first neighbor woke me again

From the winter sleep of tanned skin

To continue my travel through landscape


Which was stopped here many centuries ago

Unfinished drawing in black canvas

To undress the nightgown


The  silence to turn into a candle I wonder

To go out of the wall that walls me.






While I was painting your portrait

A tear mixed the  colors


The glass is dry


A tear of pain

Love of color

Was absorbed by canvas


The glass is broken


While I felt your presence

A tear is mixing colors

Where is your poor portrait


I wonder, what happened with thirsty.




 Tomorrow I’ Il die


Tomorrow I’ Il die

If you  say so

With the morning’s goodbye

I’ll   take the goodness of life

And  with the newspapers


Latest news

Then the greetings of the books on the shelf

I’ Il take by myself with the pain of soul

Tomorrow I’ Il take the death with myself




The first Event

Burning In Flames


A map of my blood

Compiled with pains

Wrinkled face through the Time

Your portrait (dis) appeared in centuries

Freedom My pure  craving

Burnt color in painting

While melting in flames

My soul in eternity

In expectation

With a broken whispering.


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