Poems by Nuri Can



Nuri kan

Poems by Nuri Can






Have you ever cried in the language of the rivers?


The girl with violet eyes.

Have you ever drown the love of the wind on the clouds?

Has your heart ever trembled with the touch of life’s riot?




Are poppies always destitute in this city?

Do the curtains always smell sooty?

Do the drooping willows cry with coy?

Are springs always resentful?


Are the words sufficient

To tell and understand the love

İf one’s language is not love

How to tell

How to be understood the love with frozen emotion?


‘tell’ you say

How can I tell Almira?

Are the words enough

To tell,to understand

Is the language enough?


Have you ever

Fallen in love to a bird at the sky,

Fallen in love to water in the earth?

Have you ever cried

looking at pain in an orphan child’s eyes

looking at the father’s face lost his son?

Do you donate your vision of a sightless person?


Have you ever

talked to the birds in the forests

talked to the fishes in the seas

talked to the clouds in the sky?

Do you give your hope to the hopeless people

filled with compession way?


Do you know

the furstration of a jobless father not bringing home the bread

sadness of a prisoner without tobacco?

Have you ever felt desperation of a woman being raped in your heart?


Have you ever spoken

at the languages of butterflies

at the language of flowers

at the language of freedom?


Do you speak

far from grudge,

far from hatred,

far from hostility,

İn a frindship and brotherhood ,Almira?

Have you ever cried in the language of rivers?



İs a drama,Almira

A role in a film

Pre-prepared text of a masquerade ball in our hand we read.




İs not communed with brotherhood,

İs not fed with friendship

İf it isn’t set up far from worry

far from war and hostility,

on freedom and friendship.

Love is not love,Almira.


İf love is love and

İf your love is my love

Then only then

Then only then

Then only then

Your love is my love Almira


Carefree, properly, sincerely.






I loved the sky,interminably

I could’t like captivity at all

I loved the pigeons in white and White

at the sky.


I picked flowers in green branches blooming

with my feeling by feeling.

As far as I ‘ve known myself

I want neither a flower pot nor a cage

Even if birds in golden cage,

I want birds to be free

flowers free

children free

ı don’t like narrow places.

I wish earth belonged to flowers


Sky belonged to pigeons

Everywhere fondled by sun

smell love like spring.

Oh! I wish it were possible




Oh! I wish it were possible


Oh! İt had been possible

I would have made happiness from sorrow

I would have made hope from happiness

I would have split my hearth into sorrows

I would have sold love to all children of the World.


I wish it were possible

when a child got shot

ı would be a mother go into mouring

ı would bound up wounds affectionately

ı would be a father, I would cry instead of them.


Oh! İt were possible

I would make peace from war

I would make man from peace

I would make happiness from sorrow

I would make friendship from hope

I would throw poem to children every morning instead of bullet.






I am out

İf living is so ugly

İf labor is ingrate

İf profit is every door’s key


I am out

if love is as worthless as one night stands

if friendship is measured by Money

if betrayals, fights, darkness isn’t sadden

if poverty isn’t embarrassed


if virtue is so little

and if lies is so grand

if dreams nonexist

if hopes nonexist

if love gardens isn’t blooming

if clovedoesn’t tellthe yearing


what we call life,

if killing the time

dirtying the blue,eating,sitting back and burping.

İf swearing one who doesn’t support you

True, my friend,I’m contrarian


Let them be yours

Duplicities, shammerly,

Let them be yours

Comfort,luxury, fame, reputation, status

A slice of poem

A bit of love is enough for me.



A warm smile

A bunch of dream

And seven colours of the rainbow




Don’t go


Don’t go

a cry of lamentation falls onto the seas, water withdraws

it stops to rain from the oasis onto my eyelashes

a wind sobs in solitude, a twig is broken

wild flowers look down, butterflies die


don’t go

a star refuses its sky, a child inhales sadly

winds get confused where to blow

all springs dry

the coy flowers of my heart fade, I become sad


don’t go

the mountains of imagination inside me, the northern star,

the early morning wind kissing your hair become orphans

cranes cease to pass by, nightingales cease to twitter

flowers cease to grow in my garden, oh my love


don’t go

my heart is sentenced to pains

storms, separations, memories and loneliness is left behind you

Loves looking down, songs with wet eyes

I can’t get used to your absence, your absence is death


don’t go

the trains inside me turn upside down

it snows on the stations, I get cold


don’t go, stay my love, don’t leave me

don’t make me wait hopeless, helpless

all forests burn

the birds go, this city goes, I die


don’t go, stay

let violins grow on the mountains

let the sky turn into happiness

don’t leave me between two screams, my rose

I can’t get used to your absence, your absence is death


don’t go

all the forests burn

the birds go, this city goes, I die,



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