I OUR POETRY / Poems by Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim

penpen bugtong

Poems by Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim





we are all unique
we are all special

yet an endless battle to be whole
to harness our endless years
of inherent madness and chaos
of inherent ugliness and loveliness
of endless empires and temples
of its rise and fall into ashes
to seek for what is best
to be better than best
of what is best for each of us
to live free in our own individual whole
to have our own individual stars
in the vastness of these infinite universes
yet sharing each of our own knowledge and wisdom
learned and experienced from one’s own infinite journey
in the infiniteness of space and time
with our own crystalized old-new-found love and wisdom
for the weak and the strong
for the lamb and the dragon
to live in harmony with highest mutual respect
and understanding with the one and the other
as we shall conquer every atomic and subatomic particles
beyond the infinitesimal point of its beginning
and ending of our being
for the betterment and survival of humankind
and all other life forms across and beyond
our newfound multiverses






(1st edition, 1-14-14)
(2nd edition, 9-17-15)



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