THE AIR / Poems by Maria Miraglia

maria miraglia

Poems by Maria Miraglia





So pure the air
of the ancient aurorae
clear and light
swaying on the lawns
trought the silent mountains
pushed one time
sails of boats at sea
proud of her immense spaces

Vanished the stars light
each new dawn
seasons after season
glided the time away
while chimneys
like poppies in spring
sprung out
higher and higher
as if to defy the sky and
obscure the sun

Mouths blowing smoke
spitting toxins
darken the Air
getting sadder and sadder
almost I can hear
she herself coughing

Unable to articulate words
it’s with the slow getting sick
of the waters and trees
the relentless upheaval
of the seasons
the mortal wounds
in people’ bodies
she asks Man
to take care of her
to save the Common House.


@ Maria Miraglia


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