Sevdije Rexhepi


Sevdije Rexhepi

Sevdije Rexhepi


An Albanian poet, Sevdije Rexhepi comes from Gjilan, a picturesque city in Eastern part of Kosova. After she completed her studies in French Language and Literature at the University of Prishtina, she returned back to her hometown to teach at the high school she had attended. In 1999, she started working for B&R (US company) in Kosova and since 2006 she has been based in Iraq. Sevdije loves reading and writing and poetry is her passion. Her inspiration to write comes from the love she has for nature, her family, her country  and her travels. She has published many literary books in both Albanian and English. She also write in prose. Her journalistic articles can be found in many magazines.



Published books in albanian:


“Silent Symphony“ – (Simfoni e Heshtur), poems, Gjilan, 2003.

“Hours of Wanting“ – (Orët e Mungesës), poems, Gjilan, 2004.

“Ballad upon Balad“- (Baladë mbi Balad), poems, Prishtinë, 2010.




“Mosaic of a Portrait“ – (Mozaik të një portreti), Tiranë, 2004.

“The Language of Lyric Love“ – (Gjuha e dashurisë poetike), Tiranë, 2006.

“For my Mother“ – (Nënës), Tiranë 2007



Published book in english:


“The Sounds of Waterfalls“ – poems, Gjilan, 2004.

“Between Rivers of Babylon” – poems, Prishtinë, 2010







Sevdije Rexhepi

Publishing House “Faik Konica”, Prishtina/ Kosova 2010.

Editors-in-chief: Mirela Sula,Tirana/Albania and Kreshnik Ndreu, New Jersey / USA

ISBN 978-9951-06-313-5.




In “Between Rivers of Babylon”, Sevdije Rexhepi has truly created the poetry of truth, optimism, faith and love. The beauty of friendship is found in quiet moments where no words need to be spoken but love is frankly felt. On the other hand the deeply cherished value of friendship is embraced throughout poems about life in today’s Iraq where the author resides temporary.

All poems one after the other are a living verse since they contain the vitality, free of fashion and form, which is instantly recognizable as the deepest expression of life.

Give this book as an exquisite gift to friend. Renew your spirit through words that speak right to your heart, reading it yourself. Keep one for You, in your treasury of memories.


Kreshnik Ndreu

New Jersey



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