Monica Stravino


Monica Stravino

Monica Stravino


Monica Stravino is a professor of Spanish Language, Italian writer and poet. Since 2016 she is World Union of Poets(WUP) Ambassador, founded by the Knight of Merit for poetry Silvano Bortolazzi, Italian candidate for the Nobel Prize. Since 2016 she is World Writers Union for Culture, Ecology and Peace (UMECEP) Vice President, section Italy.

In 1994 when she was a university student created a book of cloth: a collection of letters entitled “Letters from the East”, composed of authentic letters of Taiwan, Jacarta, and Tokyo boys and girls, on which a video at the Istituto Universitario Orientale was realized. In 1997-98 he collaborated with the editors of the newspaper “Valle di Suessola”, writing social and cultural articles. His poems appear in various literary anthologies such as: I Premi di Pagine, Pagine (2006); La Poesia nel Cassetto, Pubbligrafica Romana di Roberto Saulli(2007); Toffia. Riviviamo il Centro Storico. Poesia in Libertà (2010); Il Tiburtino, Aletti editore (2012), Impronte, Pagine Editore, Roma (2014).

In 2013 the “Poesia del Sole” (Ode of the Sun) and the poem  “Goccia di Rugiada” (Dew Drop) have been published in Spanish,  with poems by Latin American authors, in the Book of Poems Hacia una Nueva Arcadia, published by the Foundation “Museum Abierto para el Mundo” and the Open National University of Caracas. The poem Dew Drop, (in Spanish Gota de Rocío), was rewarded by the General Consulate of Venezuela in Naples on May 9, 2013. In May 2014, the Roman “Poeti e Poesia” (Poets and Poetry) Magazine made the video poem of the Dew Drop, accompanied by photos and new music. In September 2014 the Academy of the Spanish Language ISLA of Salamanca made the video poem with music and unpublished photos in the Italian and Spanish language versions of the Sun Poem. In 2016 ISLA Academy  has realized also the video in the English version of the poem  “Ode to the Sun” (all videos can be viewed on Youtube).





In 2009 her first novel “Apparenze”(Appearances) was published by Blu di Prussia Publishing (Piacenza).




In 2011 her book of tales “Racconti Al Profumo di Rosa” was published by the group Albatros (Roma).



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