Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat


Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat



Years in Your Absence

(open to respectful comments and critiques)


Your tree is still green in my autumn,
you colour me with your autumn leafs.
Ended up your body falls off your spirit,
and dried my black hair to grey now.

So much sorrows I lived within myself,
so much stress I have suffered lately.
I created a candle of my tears,
I made a paper and a pen with ink your scent.

The clear skies turned into a raining cloud,
feeling my sadness of missing you.
Even your favourite roses,
I can’t feel cuddling them as much
as you were near.

I tired screaming louder than the thunder,
and cry you the largest river of tears.
I wrote a whole poetry book about you,
your smile, your kiss, your sweet words.

Life is short to forget someone like you,
And the night is young to draw you again.
I have never hated myself,
I do hated my status of being a far different level.

You beautiful face in my thirsty darkness nights,
while I was the main face of the death,
It explains why I have to live years in your
absence after you kissed me.



Of Women Scent …

(open to all respectful comments and critiques)


Of women scent, it makes my day lovable and more enjoyable.
Even in the dark, I see myself dancing with her sweetest scent.

Of women scent, I feel I am in a the longest sorrowful love story.
In love with a spirit, haven’t taste her feelings towards my heart.

Of women scent, I do breath with the number of my heart beats,
I tired to recall you of me, but the bird can’t create a flying wings.

Of women scent, I have my words meaningless, yet I am hopeful.
Like the flowers who grow up in my broken heart, with tears only.

Of women scent, the sea is salty, except the one who cuddle you.
It is still sweet and clear, to feel my aches of the face of the moon.

Of women scent, I find myself lost, unable to live one more year.
Every time, I blame myself, I weep by your pictures, I sleep alone.



What Kind Of Depression?
(open to all respectful comments and critiques)


I decided to go to another country
To another dusty homeland of a
Homeless population, with highly
Security forces to throw me in a jail.

The officer said I was wanted to go
The prison fifteen years ago when
The world trade centre twin towers
Were destroyed by hijacking them.

I laughed like as twelve years old,
And told him take him to your own
Freedom, where I will see your face
In the darkest moments of miseries.

Fifteen years and we both fighting for
The same curse, and fifteen years of
Crying for watching my grandparents
And young kids dead without graves.

What kind of depression? I have been
Writing so now I am the wanted for a
Life time sentence of suffering of a
New way to die slowly powerlessly.

I am brown skin, black eyes with a
Salt and pepper hair and thin beard,
That’s how I was born to your report,
Please don’t write I am now terrorist.

I learned from your own cultures of
To smile, and smile endlessly like a
Little joker in your set of playing cards,
Except I am worth to die in your life.

So your grandson will somehow go on,
And shoot his class mates from the
Same gun you want to shoot me now,
Blaming my nephew for being the cause.

My spirit have wounds of being homesick,
And my flesh have being stabbed from a
Distance from my birth day to the day of
My woman betraying me to marry you now.

What kind of depression? Nothing is going
To breath my life of joyfulness and make my
Dreams come true, since my blood will be
Like the bad water to all the big dogs street.



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