Poems by Aziza Dahdouh

Aziza - 1

Poems by Aziza Dahdouh



I am, what I am?


Iam the snow

Iam the sun

Iam the wind

Iam the breeze

Iam the spirit of the horse

Iam a caged bird

Iam the ocean

Iam a drop of rain

Iam the unique rose

grown in the desert

You know


Iam all that

at the same time!

and other times

Iam just……nothing.



A ballad 


That ballad

which lives

In my memory

That story

That song

existed since

I was an embryo

In my mother’s


Those lyrics

were in harmony

with my heart

They uplifted

my soul when

Time was hard

That ballad is still

sung by my mind

It has never

Lost its charm

It is enjoyable


For each time


for every age.



unsaid promises


Though intangible



a portrait on the wall

Of my memory


i can hear the voice

And ………..

I believe in the unsaid



we share a dream

A dream…….

we have not planned for


I am praying……….

May Allah response

very soon.



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