Tanni Bose



Tanni Bose


Mrs. Tanni was born in the Bose family  on 15 February, 1976. A Bengali family from Kolkata, Mr. Somesh  Chandra Bose was an engineer with the Steel Authority of India at Rourkela Steel Plant. Her mother, Mrs. Santasree Bose left her career with Indian Railway soon after marriage and the family got settled in the SAIL colony, where Mrs. Tanni was brought up. Tanni is the elder among the two Bose sibblings and her  younger sister Tania is happily married and is settled in Kolkata.

From her early childhood, Tanni was exposed to multi-talents at home and at school. She was bold, fearless and a straight forward thinking soul from her nursery classes onwards. She had a good number of fans from her school days who used to adorn her for various talents.

Right from her early schooling, she never missed any opportunity to participate in any kind of activities apart from her regular studies. She displayed a natural inclination towards literary activities from her school days, though she was a bright athlete. Even though  mathematics was her toughest subject in school, she had accurate calculations about her studies, literary activities, hobbies  and games.

She was a born leader and that made her the school prefect  when she reached senior classes.

Though she hail from an orthodox family, she grew up as a free soul, having compassion towards all living beings. Rigid customs and traditions of the Indian society framed for an average Indian woman did not deter her from exhibiting her talents in sports along with her studies. During her entire school days, she had won numerous medals and certificates in athletics and had represented Odisha state in National Athletics at Tamil Nadu.

Her varied interest includes care for pet animals. Jimmy, her Doberman lived a lavish life in the Bose family for almost fifteen years under her tender care. A natural competitor, she turned her attention towards humanities subjects after class ten and completed her post-graduation in English Literature from Sambalpur university and began a career as a teacher at a very young age.

Her calculations made a full circle, when she got married to a mathematics teacher Mr. Soumya Ranjan Panda in 2000. Mr. Panda joined the Education Division of the Royal Government of Bhutan as a Mathematics teacher in 2001 and Tanni followed him to Bhutan and joined as an English teacher there in 2002. Their sweetheart, Siddhant Panda was born in 2001 and the family became complete.

During her tenure as a teacher at Tendruk Higher Secondary School, Bhutan, she discovered yet another talent in her and began a writing career.

She published her first book, a collection of poems titled “Dawn and Dusk” in 2012. Her second book, “The Floating Stones” also a collection of poems was published in 2015 and the third book “The Molested Clay”  in 2016.

She contributes poems and articles regularly in many publications in Bhutan and India. She has joined many international forums for writers and poets. Some of her poems are already translated to Spanish and was published in a Spanish magazine.

Over the years, she had participated in numerous International Literary Festivals both in Bhutan and in India, mostly representing Bhutan as official delegate. Apart from reading and writing, she listens to music and likes gardening and cooking.

After a long tenure of fourteen years in Bhutan, she joined an International School in India as an educationist and is currently focused in her career.

Mrs. Tanni was instrumental in coordinating school magazines. While in Bhutan she regularly published her works in numerous publications there, apart from editing the school magazine where she worked. Writing poetry has become natural for her and as per her fans and critics, a new breeze has emerged from her poems. She has begun a new era of poetry writing which is fresh, articulate and vigorous. Some of her literary contributions in the publication like ‘Student Digest’, ‘Norzom Speaks’, and her blog ‘A grain of faith’ are well read by many. She contributes regularly in the international journal “Taj Mahal Review”, by Cyberwit.net. A Spanish publicatiuon titled “Azahar” has recently published a transalation of her poem from the first book.

She was an official delegate in the SAARC literary Festival as an official delegate of Bhutan at Thimphu in 2013, at Agra in 2015 (coordinated by FOSWAL) and at Jaipur the same year. She gets regular invitation from many more organizers of other literary festivals.

She contributes poems regularly to World Union of poets-Illinious, peomhunt.com.



3 thoughts on “Tanni Bose

  1. Hearty congratulations madam Tanni. Keep going. The English literature has numerous expectations from you. And I as a fan and a critic would like to wish you best wishes in all your writing endeavors

  2. Happy to meet Tanni on this page after so long. I loved her first book of poetry, which she had sent from Tendruk. and never got around to thank her. Keep going, Tanni.

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