A ticket to leave – Poem by Malek Saleh / Translated by Fatima Ahmad Kassab.



Poems by Malek Saleh



A ticket to leave


To the face of the dawn it will miss

My looks as limiting night arrives

Its teeth will predate me

On the memories table

Nostalgia sear me with longing fire

And then anguishes collide with lament

Take me destiny

To the embrace of asylum

Before the empty places wear my whole body

Since the lifeboat was crashed

And the ending was a ticket

Package my poor life

It went to the point of no return

Ignored deform the face of safety

By claws of thinking

And the life was stranded by bombs

I hate listening to its sound

Stay away mandate feuds

Since the wars nested in my mind

Since grandparents marriagement

With Catholic link

Their minds exhumed the history

With different shovels

To wrestle with ignorance swords

Their tongues love peace

And their hearts were hailing as the revenge

The spirits were mowed

In the strife season

And cemeteries have narrowed their issuance

It was packed with the bodies of the innocent.


Translated by Fatima Ahmad Kassab.


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