WFP- FeminİSTANBUL Poetry Festival 2016 Declaration:





We, the WFP-IOC (World Poetry Festival, International Organizing Committee) and the WM (World Poetic Front For Defending Women’s Rights) with representation in the five continents, more than 157 countries, and working with -at least- one woman by country, by province, state, city and neighborhood,

We Declare:

For UNESCO, WR-organizations, U.N, Human Rights Watch

and all the Worldwide NGOs working in this subject.

  1. Liberty and gender equity for all the humankind. People must receive equal treatment and not be discriminated against; based on their qualities and behavior, without any distinction among race or creeds, pursuing pragmatic productivity by ourselves.
  2. Our main concerns will be always addressed to:

I- Health and İntegral education integral with women’s participation.

II- Institutional affairs and public policies.

III- Political participation.

IV- Women’s access to education in all levels and conditions.

V- Exercise of own decission about economy trials.

VI- Autonomy concerning her own body.

VII – Gender Equity in all countries.

VIII- No violence against women in all areas, cultures and ideologies.




We are permanently Working on ethnic-ideological and cultural complexities such as summary executions in Muslim countries, stoning and Capital Punishment, incineration-immolation and rape in Tibet, genital ablation. Attack of Human dignity (Physical, Moral, Psychological) standardization of freedom by expression of canonical religious behaviors, respect of beliefs in indigenous culture (on all continents). Voting rights and political participation, discrimination, sexual slavery, laboral marketing, kidnap or deceit, right to work without wage gap about men, the right to refuse a marriage, right to select and drive her own properties, attend social, cultural and sports events, even decission making with executive involvement in eclesial circles and so on.

  1. Inasmuch as we have been working in social networks along this year, preparing our workshops developed specially for this WFP-dWM/FEMINISTAMBUL, main items were discussed as follows.

Table One: Women displaced after high political-violent conflicts.

Table Two: Sexual education preventing Gender Violence in third world countries.

Table Three: Refugees and women’s empowerment crossing the border-lines in conflict area.

Table Four: High level of enhancing dignity in gender equity.

Table Five: Actual Relevance of “Beijing Declaration for Women’s Rights”.

Table Six: Humanitarian actions and human rights directions.

Table Seven: Ideologies and Women’s Rights in Pediatric age. (special focus on Children abuse).

Table Eight: Domestic Violence and Gender Equity. A Worldwide problem?




We will be continuous working in all the previous items (and other subjects) during the next months, looking at our next World Summit in 2017, specially having in mind the main topic: Capital punishments for Women around the world, how avoid and eliminate. This will be A PROPOSAL TO U.N, Amnesty International and all the NGOs interested in these mutual and very essential initiatives.

Our objective is genuine, more than clear and absolutely activist. In that way, we believe that poetry, the artistic performances and all the intellectual people with sensitivity, can work with us in all our proposals.

We urge you, to believe that all dreams can be true if we pay attention in changing our world, starting by ourselves.

! Welcome poets and artists of the world, believing in the real and necessary change !




WM (World Poetic Front for Defending Women’s Rights)

Local Organizing Committee – FEMINISTANBUL 2016.

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