Poems by Tanni Bose


Poems by Tanni Bose





Amidst the crevasses flowed “The River of silence”
Crevasses of heart, soul, of passion sublime
They stoned “Soraya”, named her evil
They burned “Joan of Arc”, baptized her a witch
Concealed the screams unheard
But death adored them-
What virtuous life failed to confer?
Merciless death offered them.





Frozen desire


Every minute I see her sagging face

Embossed with deceptive thoughts

Of late, the obscure soul met with ignorance

And lamented on being left aloof

Like a portrait that has lost its lustre

With faded beauty down the lane

She swings between hope and despair

Longs for reconciliation on the debated truth

The cold flames fail to burn the difference

With only splinters alive

She watches the dreamy image walking hand in hand

The fairytale abruptly meets a suicidal death

With no choice at her stand

The seeds of desire freeze in extreme condition

With no warmth to caress and nestle

She waits for the day

When warmth would embrace the earth

And tiny leaves of hope would emerge





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