Poems by SWANSH


Poems by SWANSH




Words mingle, sentences entwine,
Grammar obstructs yet parlays
Stanzas languor at the sections
Lines keep repeating themselves
Fingers keep rolling or dancing
Ah the scenes pass by in haste
Eyes keep chasing to coordinate
With the relentless fingers
Heart smiles or ponders over
Expressions take a flight
Sometime they careen through
Other times they speed off
It surprises, where do the thoughts
Fit in all of these juggles
Ah the very offshoots erupting
That link us living things
Making us a thinking machines
Which keeps working ceaselessly
To keep the world moving on
In the direction of love
Through the world of compassion
Breathing in the lands of eternal peace.



A Windfall Down Memory Lane

As I went out for an occasional stroll
In weakness after a fever terrible
I met an old friend at a tea stall
He asked me, “How are you all?”

And I said, “Better than yesterday pal”
And he said, “That’s the way to call”
We both incessantly smiled in all
And so, did we in a journey fall

He said those were the days
Of our yesteryears and school days
Where we were the kings unaware
When we ruled the times and tides

Nothing could stand in our way
As we mowed the life in abandon gay
Fears were not yet known factors
As responsibilities were no detractors

Yet as the ancient time galloped
And took us in its strides and walloped
Responsibilities made their appearance
And life has never been the same thence

The freedom and frolics of yore years
The playfulness and naughtiness
Remembered within, with some tears
We smiled yet again in the now MOMENTs

Things to do, time to value, life to look after
Society to ponder on, family to look after
With each year, the balance sheet of time
And Things to do, Things done, shaking

Bewildered yet rejuvenated within
I walk and walk and walk back.



Inside the Cocoon

I once ventured into an unknown land
With a solitary soul inside a Cocoon
A Soul that just found itself into a cocoon
Unaware of its past, present or future
Just a hollow silence all around
Where all that can be heard was echo
Of an ancient silence and darkness
Darkness, where time disappeared
Probably unfound, were breaths too
The muse prompts me to write
Through a blind alley of vacuum
Yet if being within a cocoon is something
Then that’s how it might feel like a vacuum
Neither life mattered nor death felt
It was a simple surrender of self
To the tiny little hollow cocoon
Once outside of the hollow darkness within
It all feels like something new
A place which was so familiar
For the caterpillar before it went in
Suddenly looks a strange world
Full of wonders and new sounds
The words that I knew and read
Look strange and abstract figures
Yet something deep within the heart tickles
Soul was smiling and muse ever inviting
As if to say come let’s go on a journey
Into the wonderland of words and souls
Like the butterfly which came out of its cocoon
Fluttering all its blissful feathers
All colourful and light and bright
Taking an immediate flight to BE
If the flight is a state of BE
Then what was the BE inside the Cocoon?


Heal The World

As I walk and walk and walk
I look at the setting sun before
And the broken clouds above
And the word Heel flashes in my mind
From What and From Where and Why
The Choices we made brought us here
The Choices others made are bare
Consequences are natural to follow
A moment of introspection was needed
Before the actions were paraded
And see where have we landed ourselves
A world that is bizarrely broken and in pain
Desires leading mankind to the brink
Wants pegging humanity to its selfishness
Men to men, women to women men to women
Differences insurmountable have come up
Nothing seems to be in order to breathe free
Bloodshed, atrocities, war, instabilities ruling
They roost at all corners of the world
Amid all these chaos the heart cries
The soul Whispers Heal the world
Through the ancient paths that born you
Through Love and compassion and care
Concern for the fellow beings in heart
Just for a second O Human stop and listen
To the ancient whispers within
That simply and lovingly is ready to guide
You away from all these unearthly
self-inflicted calamities and pains
Just Heal The World
In a vacuum with resonating echoes
I walk and walk and walk.



The Silent Witness

As i walk and walk and walk
I for once ponder over a perchance
Amalgamation of life and nature

As the water falls roaring down
There erupts a battle for dance
Between the droplets and splinters

As the wind gushes through the woods
There ensues a battle for dance
Between the branches and leaves

As the Sun rises on the east
There shines a battle for dance
Between the dews and flowers

As the Earth warms up in morning
There rises a battle for dance
Between life and obstacles galore

As the day wears on and on around
I witness a hustle for dance
Between moments slipping by and joys

As the sun sets on the horizon
I witness a preparation for dance
Between the realities and dreams

In reality its the rhythm of life
In dreams we sow seeds of rhythm
In realization i walk and walk and walk.



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