DISOWNED / Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand

Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand
Some souls were disowned by the Angels
at the entry point
They only appeared to be human
Which confused them
For their blood samples traced them
To the nether world.
They were wildest of wild animals
Found among human habitations
Who drank dollars instead of water
And ate silver instead of fodder.
Are they come from the earth?
Where have we put up a plant for such species?
Brains which never let in a selfless thought
And eyes which saw nothing but self interest
The angels in their pocketless coffins
Found photos of some shrines
Some holy incense and some
Meaningless rhymes.
Some were from the political battlefield
And some from business world
The hearts were found dead
Postmortem reports said.
The river of forgetfulness
Refused them entry
And the fire refused to consume them
Winds refused to wear their bodies down
And when they tried to put them into graves
The earth shut its mouth.
Their bodies and their souls
Were running from.pillar to post
Unclaimed by the elements
And disowned by the Lord.
For they were neither human not wildkind.
Unfit for this or the world sublime.
Dr Jernail S Aanand
am RIGHTS reserved @2017

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