Poems by Santiago Ali

Poems by Santiago Ali


You are not alone

You are not alone
in the city of stone
walking along the waveline
the turbulent waters of life
have been incising its proud saga
all through the tortured light
of years
trampled colours of bruised summers
where masquerading
cup-bearers snatch
the grace of thirst from lips
so sacred to chant
a holy mantra
of love…….

You are not alone
with you I cry rivers of red wine
among smashed goblets
cups turning upside down
mourning over beams of light lent to us so briefly………

An exile from Eden I am
an intoxicated rebel shining in
the passion of blood
on tyrant swords
You are not alone
my love
I am incensing
in your redolence
defying the darkest length of night
a venomous serpent holding
its tail in his mouth…..

If life is just another confused enigma of day
and night is to be counted
on the fingers of one who invents gods
to suit his needs at the end of twelve moons
and death is to be entombed underground at the hands
of an undertaker….

I am knocking at the door
of the casket where life
has hidden
its precious ornaments
jewels of fragrant seasons wrapped in the gold foil
of old wisdom……

A Sagittarius is now carrying
a bow of rainbow
to pierce through the belly
of this sorcessory accursed night
A gladiator I am
fighting for freedom from
a mischevious labyrinth
of heaven and hell
and not to entertain unholy hierarchy……..

You are not alone
in this moonlit night
while time is trembling
in the spaces between
our marble limbs………..


Come Here Life, I Will Live You

Walking amidst flying
daggers of
volcanic accursed contrary wind
sulphurous blowing
famine-plagued dust
behind and swaddled
in bloody swathe fly
tongues of fire
failingly reaching for
islands lost in white-dead clouds
in the ashen colors of a
melting sun supinely sinking
in the sea…….

She is a ragged sail
in her half-mast wasteland
of elapsed moons
buried in eyes like
a fire in the forest
teardrops carry the tiny coffins of moths daring to tread
on the most lethal routes
of ripped-off sensibilities
of a molested doll in whose eyes
is the frozen image of a girl torn apart between
a woman
a child…….

Blood shot dregs of uncelebrated seasons
of fruitless menstruum in
volition of a vineyard
she dribbles
raising her begger cup
in the void emptiness
stretching between earth and sky…….

Charity !
Hand-feed me a morsel
from the first supper the lover cooked in the fire
Of newlywed bones
more sacred than “manna”
of the most unfaithful lovers of God…..

Charity !
Decorate me in the colors of adoration
once sun had shed over
a wheat field and said the children
sweet, like the moon
bread tastes……

O sons of Adam’s
so barren is Eva now
from the day
blindmen saw evil in her….

I am the lost grace
of your rib cage
hiding your heart while you breathe my color in your cobweb of veins……

Pour down
in my cup
the sweetness of all the rivers
that shove off the bitter lust
of the characterless sea…..

Take me to the thin red line
between sweetness and bitterness
like a chivalrous moth fluttering
in the most vibrant colors of his passion
he says
in the bittersweet seasons of the heart
Come here life, I will live you……


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