Poems by Hassen Gara

Poems by Hassen Gara



I dream of a bird
Deploying its wings
Flying high
Moving along the clouds
Away from shorelines
A blue bird
Eyes widening
A bird of happiness
Delightful heart
Charming spirit
A bird of life
No worries
Enjoying freedom
Inspiring joy
Singing Love
In the light of day
Tweeting in the evening
Nourishing insurance



Cordiality, the greatest sweetener of life, a divine blessing
A wonderful gift for every human being
An affection rising from mutual esteem
Warms your life as a sun beam
What is life without believing in cordiality?
A life void of meaning, sincere warmth and geniality
Your inclination to help and support, to be peaceful, not hostile
To greet people with a smile
Make you feel important, worthwhile
Maintain cordial relationship in society
Family members, Friends and colleagues can be your pillars of power
Cherish them as the scent of a flower
They may boost up your joy, your happiness
Reduce stress, anxiety and loneliness
Keep in mind to be cordial with everyone
Maintain it in a healthy way
Happily you live each day

(All rights reserved)


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