It’s Dawn Once Again / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
It’s Dawn Once Again
Wide avenues
Intellectual foreheads
My city pulsates with life
As the Sun peeps over my hedge
Voyeuristic and inquisitive
The home maker stretches languorously
Rushing to put on the kettle
While temple doors light up in rosy splendour
The mongrel scratches his flea ridden coat
As rats scurry off to the sewer
Underbellies yawn with drug infused haze
As milkmen rattle their cartons and crates
The kachnar tree grins from ear to ear
Showering mauve petals on passers by
It’s dawn once again
It’s another day
I hope to see you
In a day dream today !
Copyright Lily Swarn 10.3.2018

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