Raimonda Moisiu (Albania -USA)

Raimonda Moisiu (Albania -USA)
Raimonda Moisiu was born, on February, 21st, 1957, in Korca city, Albania,-resident in Hartford, Capital of Connecticut State ,(CT) USA.She studied for English Linguistics & Literature,at University of Tirana,Albania.After, she performed the learnings, she worked as an english teacher,for 19 years-till she left homeland and immigrated to USA.Friendliness of art and literature have made a very productive author.She’s published till now eleven books in prose, publicity and poetry and she is co-author in eight national and international antologies. Her literature contribution is awarded with some prices in journalism, poetry and prose!
Biography of Raimonda Moisiu –Writer and Freelancer
Her literary works are:
-“My life between two homelands’ ,”(Narrations & Publicity)
-“The love,- no name'”, (Lyric poetries)
-“Eva’s innocence”(novel)
-“Like you have ever been kissed me”, ( lyric poetries)
-“Leitnants’ snoring”,(Publicity)
-“Looking for Ardiana (Narrations & Esseys)
-” Wild poppy”-2011-(albanian, english, greek and italian lyric poetries)
-“Thunder of age”(Narrations)
– “The Intellect’s Mask “-Essays, reportage & literary critics
-“Albanian Letters Across the Atlantic”- A collections of sixty one interviews, mostly in Albanian language and several in English.
-Co-author of literary anthologies (with poetries):
-“Itaca’s world”
-“Temple of the word”-in romanian language
-“The mother”
-Albanian Olympic”
“Ali Podrimja’,
“Who’Who”,-five poetries of Raimonda Moisiu are included in the anthology”Poetry from five continents”at Struga Poetry Evenings Festival, Macedonia Balkan.2009
Reputation with awards:
-The first award, for interacting reportage by Fotjonart,2006
-Second Award of the best story -by Albanian Forum.2007
-Third award-Kadmus for the column interview by Pellegrini-Athens Greece.2009
-Winner of the “Balkan First Award ” at Balkan Poetry Evenings, in Korcha, Albania, 2009
Raimonda Moisiu’s poetry , it’s been chosen every year at the “Albanian poetess Festival ” in Vushtria, Kosovo, and her poem, “I can’t anymore” was awarded as the best poetry at ” At’Gjecovit’s Meeting 2009″-in Zym, Kosovo.
Winner of “Petro Marko- Award” -in the prose field.2011
Winner of the “First Award” – in poetry by “Nosity” editorial office,2011
Winner Of “The Public Award” & “Official Citation”-at the “Albanian poetess Festival ” in Vushtria, Kosovo, 2012
Winner of “The goddess of love Award”, in poetry,-at Balkan Poetry Evenings, in Korcha, Albania, 2012
Friendliness of art and literature have been made her a very productive author.Also she is reporter of albanian-american papers, in USA,”Illyria” and albanian press, in Albania, ” Tirana Observer”,”Panorama”, “Ndryshe”,’Gazeta Kritika” on line, “Fjala e Lire”, London, “Albanian Mail”, in London, Kosovo and albanian website on line…
She lives and works in beautiful city Hartfford, Capital of Connecticut (CT), USA, as a freelance journalist. Now she is writing a novel titled “ Not telling to anyone!”, and and in advance she is publishing it. Also soon she is publishing the Second book with INTERVIEWS of distinguished people across the Atlantic, and a book with Essays and literary critics.
She speaks and writes fluently Albanian, English, Russian, French, Italian and some Greek and Spanish.
Tonight only kisses I want!
All over my skin I felt,
the sweet caress of your lips,
under the turbulent moonlight,
falling deep into darkness.
Felt the hotness of your chest,
in the fragile loneliness of darkness.
Felt the exciting tremors,
of your hugging.
Felt the flaming passion sparkling,
in your light blue eyes,
felt your lips cloven,
to my thirsty lips,
for a sin,
for a kiss,
for a constriction,
for a want,
for a mind-blowing,
for a touch,
for a caress.
Felt your arms around,
all over my chest.
From whisperings,
through darkness,
felt the words:I love you!
Felt the freedom.
The freedom,
from burning fire,
covering our being,
our hands poking,
to build a bridge,
with the fragrance,
through the light,
the hotness of love,
Darkness trembles by our kisses.
Tonight only kisses I want!
Beyond this darkness,
stop there, there, where
something unknown,
for us is waiting.
Kisses, only kisses tonight!
I rest my lips on yours,
like a cherished flame,
remaining ablaze.
My beloved lips
being caressed by yours.
The warmth of eternity
takes them away to the
empire of kisses.
Tonight only kisses I want!
Want air…flower scents I want.
And kisses,
Many kisses,
Endles kisses,
Tonight only kisses I want!
I can’t anymore…
Every day I see women violated, raped,
like cadavers floating on the waters
off sinking boat,
thrown away from the bed of flash greed,
passion, bloody drops.
My feeling the same,as if swiming to death,
As if going through Scribes and Caribes,
To meet the duels with the sea beasts.
I feel the cracks and bites in my body,
all painful!
Wondering:bringing me to the eternal silence,
To burial place!
Feeling every day losing my energy,
Like quivering candle to survive its light,
in the face of the wind and darkness of violence.
Oh Lord!I only wish I had power !
I can’t anymore…
endure the deceiving words,
sweeping away my body‘s desires,
and the depth of my secrets….
How shocking is this fear,
rocking my eyes!
I can’y anymore ..
enjoy the birds tweet,
the children sing across streets.
Want to breathe, to feel wind’s breeze,
coming from the deep breathings,
of the spreading scent of sweet basils.
I feel everything burning deep in my heart,
around my name.
Want to get rid of deception of
the dark oasis of love’s betrayers,
of streams of promises,
that beautify the bed of deception.
I can’t anymore!

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