Destiny / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan


We were on a collision course
bound to entwine
all of heaven portending
the dance of our souls
energy magnetized
reflections of flinty light
in our pleading eyes
proving at one time
how strongly
we were drawn to each other…..

Vibrating pulsating gyrating
forms in the ether
cresting waves on the shoreline
finding refuge in each other’s arms
on sand dunes of time
free floating particles….

Quantum physics
a study in the very small
only to the untrained eye
how big we were in mine
a magnum opus of adoring affection
barely a spark of a dying ember
a remnant wafting into the sunless day
an emptiness widening
a chasm filling
with madly decaying starlight…..

Reaching for you in the dense vacuum
of a moonless night
you have vanished like smoke
into thin air
I sensed you were
for a moment there
hanging heavily in the putrid dank air
the fetid scent
the last vestiges of bouquets of damage
baby’s breath strangled
all of what
is left of the sorrowful scent
of crushed yellow roses……..

Questioning how or why
too perplexing
confusing and
impossible to conjecture
of this I’m certain however
I shall soon stand again
but for the moment
chosing to remain
in this now
and here without you
alone to wonder
where have you gone……….


©Linda B. Scanlan, 2018


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