Angels & Devils / By Olfa Philo

Angels & Devils

Devils and angels are not visible entities. They can be just VOICES speaking in your head inspiring and guiding you to do right things or wrong and immoral things. Their presence in your life depends on your faith in God…If your faith in God is strong, angels will be around you; inspiring you, opening doors for you, spreading love around you, revealing for you some truths and future events in your dreams etc… If your faith in God is weak, devils will surround you; they will guide you to do immoral things after normalizing them in your mind and in your eyes; they will drag you to cheat, lie, betray, bribe, falsify, commit adultery, steal, manipulate, use black magic to reach your ends etc… The demonic voices are more present when you are ALONE or in the BATHROOM… The more you listen to these voices, the more they control your life. They keep haunting you, they cause you insomnia and if ever you sleep for a short time, they can appear in your nightmares… They also influence the people around you such as friends, spouses, kids, colleagues, employers, clients etc… If you are a victim of sorcery, those devils /negative energy will plan everything around you to close all doors for you whether doors of marriage, money, job, traveling, business etc… They do the whole job for you and you just see the outcomes and infer that you are “so unlucky” or “cursed” or “maladroit” but you ignore who is behind all that stuff…On the other hand, if you are a righteous person, you ‘ll be surprised with unexpected happy events, phone calls, acquaintances, offers, invitations etc..but you ignore that the angels around you ordained by God are the ones who planned everything for you to feel that “lucky”, that “lovable” and that “successful”… 


Olfa Philo


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