Poems by Haraeen Hussain

Poems by Haraeen Hussain
Mighty Season of Love
Beloved Spring
You ‘the mightiest’
Sets out a nameless glory
On the bosom of cosmos
With vintage luscious kiss
On the hopeless
Tattered face of earth
Destroyed and frayed bodies of trees
Longed for your magnificent touch
Waited long for your splendour
To annihilate their transitory state
Icy pale eyes of winter
Whimpered the soul of earth
Encircled by the snow fall passion
Flowers of love yearned to profuse
Freesia and ambrosia
Blossom softly
Opening to the light
Innocence of flowers sings your songs
In you, Nature finds the greatest miracles
Deserts and dunes
Desire to taste
Your pleasant tongue
And rejuvenate their souls
Like a summer rain wet their bosom
With a shower of ecstatic bliss
Heart hovers
On the sanctum of joy
Quivering a blur
Humming of birds
When they open up their wings
To warm their skin
Whirring wings flatter
In the open sky of love
Singing the love songs
Flashing colours
Stunning vision
Nature taste virgin’s freshness
O Queen of greenery
You merge in the lush green meadows
With a solid trust
To fulfil the promises
Roaming in the valley
Of mystic servitude
Cascades the freshness of hearts
Suffused nectar
To ripen the souls
Your murmurs chasing
Eyes of the Sun
Wearing a mask of trivial dreams
Shimmering on the misty hills
Your relentless faith
Soothes the souls
You sow the seeds of love
In the heart of pragmatic earth
Illuminating the moon’s light
Blessing strength to the sunlight
That melts the hearts of daydreams
Hundred thousand times more bright
Yet ever-undefined
You bring tranquillity
Rhythm and rhymes
Orgasmic zenith
A drift on the milky breast of oceans
Your songs
On Nature’s lips
As you write wondrous tales
In the heart of stars.
The mystic spirit
A Prayer for Peace
All glory to you, O omnipotent, to you alone, the most high
Give us light, ray of peace and purity from the generous skies and great splendour
We, children of earth are being tossed among the squalls and gales
The wind of pride and jealousy blows us to the rocks of tribulation
O beloved God, protect us, as we find no other shelter for peace
We are sickened by the dangers of wars and terror
The loathsomeness of sadness and despair deprived our souls
We mortal human beings can’t escape from the fears of sins and death
O divine Master, bless us the showers of peace from thy infinite blessings
The heart of mother earth is dried, it quench the thirst from our bloodshed
Innocent souls are burned stupefied, dying with thirst, hunger and pain
Some are weakly whimpered until they left bled to meet the death
O The Mightiest, earthly souls are longing for the splendour to annihilate their insubstantial state
Peace and love are your traits, lit that fire to burn the heart of the universe
Assail these countless groans to skies, and shower the rain of happiness
Shed away this moonless night, and open the bright light to ignite our inner core
O the Compassionate, the most Merciful, You are the Ruler of the judgment day
It’s You that we worship, and to You we appeal for help, show the right way that leads to glory
O the Sacred one, teach us love, compassion and honour
Heal the wounded earth, and bless us that pure soul to heal each other
O the holy One, fulfil our desires to see the peace, love and contentment
Let’s eradicate the evil, seeds of greed and lust from the soul of mother earth
This tattered face of humanity wants to see the radiant and sunshine
Lift this darkness of terrorism away, and purify the souls with the nectar of peace.

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