ON SUICIDAL MISSION / Poem by Dr. Jernail. Singh Anand

Poem by Dr. Jernail. Singh Anand



I wonder what is amiss.
Something is amiss.

There is a vacuum
in this world of opulent luxury.

I have never seen the riches and prosperity that marks my world.
Yet in its heart,
I see a vagabond lust for something.

In its eyes I see
a thirst raging for some spectacle divine and beyond definition.

I have no trap
which could capture this being
in its entirety.

Some times
I am a body lusting for
some crazy gizmos.

Some times I am hungry soul
looking looking and looking
for something
beyond my reach.

I am alive so long
as I am abuzz with this music
whose tunes pull at my soul.

I am in eternal movement
towards something
that stands outside me
And beckons to me

I have never seen myself
You have seen
just tip of the iceberg
One life is not enough to know ALL.

I am not an answer.
I am a question.
I am a quest.

A fish invested with
an indomitable
passion to fly into the sky.

And what if I
in this suicidal mission DIE!

Dr Jernail.Singh Anand
All rights reserved @2018/6/5

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