Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal

Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal



Every breeze come with purpose
Moves in direction all transpose;
Once touches softly, recompose
Mind swiftly,as hearts repurpose!

Heaven may fall, hearts may fail;
Love would survive even be frail!
For human, being soul in His Will;
Never ever be, willing to be illwill!



Dreaming mind all flowering in the morning;
Blooming as petals of rose’s overweening!
Garden guarded with care and caution;
Express it’s splendour in all speculation!

Guardian of trust and truth in delation;
From politicking speculate precaution!
While waiting dawn in thoughts blistering;
As hearts innocent, innovative lavendering!

Stupendous in day to day operations, being
Awesome deeds, from someone lingering!
Amazing affliction of pain ever imposing;
Momentous repercussions all niggling!

Political spectrum do remain wondering;
But, do welcome possibilities happening!
Always miraculous ever, in the eyes of cunning;
As mundane citizen serve majority in franchising!



Pain in injuries body reciprocating;
As acute aftermath immediately effecting!
Rudimental fallout slowly taming;
In due course of time waxing and waning!

Human repose at the outset caring;
Then be bound within control ameliorating!
If fails any backwash in containing;
Search and seek by all means till Impelling!

Mindset of the victims as playing;
Ladder and snakes, seems cure propelling!
Nature, in it’s nature of balancing;
Proclaim with His Will, bestow all blessing!

(Àll rights reserved by
Alby Raymond Parackal)

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