Sometimes a word… / Poem by Nassira Nezzar

Poem by Nassira Nezzar
Sometimes a word…
Have you ever contemplated the poet’s eyes
And how they hold the huge mass of words
Have you ever seen the rebellion of stars in the skies
And how they hold each other for brightening our world…
Have you ever stared at the trip of words..
And how they delve deeply
into hearts despite the long miles..
Sometimes a word
hugs our dreams to irrigate them with joy
Sometimes a word
Hugs our reality to throw us as if we‘re a used toy..
Sometimes a word..
Takes me to the depth of your world..
Where there’s no hate, no discrimination, no wars…
No jealousy, no oppression, and no difference of religions…
Yes…your world…
Where I see only the eyes of a loving poet
A poet…
Who lives the storms but spreads tranquillity…
Who collects words of love and joy to forget his misery…
Who collects his tears and his smiles..
For being an ocean of words that could carry
the feeling with its various weights and sizes…
Yes sometimes a word to appear with confidence
Sometimes a word to disguise as the weak flies…
So behind the silence they hide…
Sometimes a word is said
To feed heart and head …
Many smiles may be drawn
And many tears may be shed…
Sometimes a word said
Many emotions with great passion they are led..
Sometime a word carries many questions
Awaitening one sufficient answer…
We are created in this world
For loving each other not for killing or
Using our words as swords…

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