And God said / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

And God said 

I was there with you
when every last gasp of breath was gone
I cried
every tear you shed
torrents of tears for every one you bled
when your tears dried up
mine fell
you thought it was rain……

In the pit of hell
when you were
shot in mass graves which you dug
had your babies ripped from your arms
I screamed
as you silently stared
in horror
having lost your strength to cry out
I screamed for you –

“My God, my God…why have you forsaken me”

Because I too understand
what it is to grieve…..

My children – My chosen
I never turned my back on you
you were mistaken
I was in the chamber with you
it was your own brothers and sisters
who turned against you
therein lies the horror
of the sin
of humanity of my creation…….

When you whimpered in the still of night
the dark night of soulless creatures
it was then you were cradled
held closely

I whispered –

“you are my beloved in whom I am well pleased”

When you stared with hollowed out eyes
in disbelief
looking out from your bed of wood
seeing black ash belched from chambers of death
from a distance
it could be mistaken for the devil’s snow…..

I counted
every hair on your head
before your birth
I recognized each strand
even unto death
and asked
what manner of grotesque depravity is this
who conceived of these killing camps….

Know this –

I blessed your life
you were here
you mattered
you lived righteously
dying a martyr’s death….

And tho the indifferent world remained silent
as the holocaust continued
year after cataclysmic year
it was I
who turned my back on you
no no no
I remained ever so close
even though you didn’t know me…..

I knew you
I knew you
I have always known you……..


© Linda B. Scanlan, 2018

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