Dr. Sonia Gupta ( India)

Dr. Sonia Gupta
Dr. Sonia Gupta, from Dera Bassi, near Chandigarh in India is a dentist by profession. She is a well known name in Hindi and English literature with her solo four English and Two Hindi poetry books published. Her poems are a part of various anthologies, magazines & newspapers. She has been awarded with various awards in poetry competitions organized by various literary groups. Recently she has won a Gold and silver medal in a poetry world cup organized by Nigeria. She is also fond of paintings, singing, cooking, designing, knitting and teaching.
Aha! What a wonderful creation of Lord,
The place where we live, known as world,
Beauty dwells in its each and every part,
That mesmerizes one’s soul and heart!
Blooming flowers with their fragrance,
Dancing butterflies on petals having fun,
Tiny dew drops on grass and leaves,
Mellow caress of blowing breeze!
Twinkling stars and moon at night,
Snowy mountains at peaks and height,
Drizzling raindrops showering love,
Beautiful cupids in the sky above!
Rivers flowing like a melodious song,
Fishes buzzing with a ding dong,
Bells of temples and mosque prayers,
Innocent voice of chirping birds!
Sunrise and sunset at those beaches,
Greenery on land with bamboo houses,
Camels and cactus in sandy deserts,
Seasonal changes with changed weather!
Mother’s lullaby and father’s songs,
Children’s laughter, cries and mourns,
Strings of relationships binding together,
Festivals and occasions bringing cheer!
Aha! Lively music world always plays,
Lively laughter it always spreads,
O’ it holds some Magical wand,
That creates heaven on this land!
O’ my God, what a beautiful masterpiece,
How can anyone miss to love it,
O’ Look through window of your heart,
You will fall in love with its every part!
Aha! What a wonderful creation of God,
Without whom is incomplete this whole world,
Embodiment of love, sacrifices and care,
A small word which is known as ‘mother’!
Bearing nine months struggle and pain,
She gives birth to a life and she is born again,
Hiding her tears she brings smile to others,
She can read her child’s heart without telling her!
She nourishes her child with nutrients of love,
She is really a blessing from the God above,
She enriches the barren life and bare heart,
Paints a lovable canvas until death departs!
She teaches us to differentiate right and wrong,
She motivates us to become always strong!
She is a child’s teacher and the best friend,
She always holds our hands till end!
She is the one, who turns a house into home,
She is an enlightening candle in a gloom,
She has a magical wand to bring miracles,
O’ No one can be here other than a mother!
O’ God look, what has happened to your creation,
Ah! The mother earth is living with suffocation,
Blooming gardens have turned into barren lands,
Earth is screaming reaching into wrong hands!
Ah! For own selfishness and fulfillment of needs,
For foolish desires and unlimited greed,
Her children only are giving her pain,
Playing a clever trick and a very cruel game !
O’ deforestation and pollution all around,
Birds and animals crying with miserable sound,
No fresh air to breathe, no healthy life,
In suffocation every being is living to strife!
Burning smashes into ashes on the ground,
Polluted is the water in rivers and ponds,
Every breed is pleaded for bread and butter,
Doing crimes putting lives into a gutter,
Earth ,known to be mother has become a tomb,
Burying her helpless, merciless creatures in her womb,
Breeze breezes with innocent cries and mourns,
Greenery and nutrients all have gone !
O’ humanity where art thou? Being so unkind,
What seeds of thoughts you are sowing in your mind?
What is the fault of innocent creatures and mother earth?
You are killing everything digging into a dearth!
Come on wake up and open the window of your eyes today,
O’ world let us hold hands together to save our mother in caring way,
O’ remember we are nothing without her in this universe,
She is the one who fulfills our needs without any selves !

One thought on “Dr. Sonia Gupta ( India)

  1. Very nice

    On Thursday, June 14, 2018, Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS wrote:

    > agronsh posted: ” Dr. Sonia Gupta Dr. Sonia Gupta, from Dera Bassi, near > Chandigarh in India is a dentist by profession. She is a well known name in > Hindi and English literature with her solo four English and Two Hindi > poetry books published. Her poems are ” >

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