God & I / Poem by Munir Mezyed

God & I

The true poet or artist is the one who immerses himself in mystical adventures, and does not allow his thirst for knowledge to be strangled by the inherited beliefs.

I am…
I am what I made of himself
A divine word in human flesh….

I am the argument of God and his word
I have been sent to reveal the spiritual mystery of the word
To identify the truth and expose error….

In the beginning was the word.
When water made love to it,
It begat all the mystical secrets of creation…


Has the anecdote of unseen come to you?
It was combing the hair of the legend
With the breaths of water
Gathering the murmurs of the spirit in the cup of silence…

Verily I have been sent to liberate God
So that I can be purified
And they can also be purified…!
This is the most ultimate success and the supreme one.

O’ company of jinn and mankind,
I am commanded to sing to the glory of God
And not to let the divine power die in my words…

Know that absolute poetry is revelation from God,
The God of poetry and rhetoric…
In the absolute poetry,
You can hear the hymns of the birds, the wind and the trees,
The spells of water and light and the songs of heavens…
It is the ideal poetry.
What is the ideal poetry?
What would make you aware of what is the ideal poetry?
It is the joyful tidings of the Holy Spirit descending
In the Word…

It is the whole truth and the illuminating sayings.
It is not a fantasy or sayings of a poet;
Little is that what you perceive …!
It is a revelation sent down by the God of Poetry
Upon the heart of a poet, magnanimous and omniscient,
From the Canaanites,
The family of poetry, Scripture, wisdom and strong discourse…

He was looking forward to eternal salvation and peace.
We have revealed to him what we have revealed to our honorable Apostles.
Glory be to Him Who chooses among the poets
Prophets and Messengers….!

O’ company of jinn and mankind,
I am a mirror for those who seek to see God;
And I am the Poet and the Devoted Worshiper in the chapel of word.
It is revealed to me what is not revealed to others.

O’ poets,
I am the offspring of the word.
I am in the word and the scared word is me.
I am in the Muses and all the Muses are me.
I am in the Prophets and all the Prophets are me.

I diligently labor in establishing love with my words,
In making its miracles apparent,
As the spirit of God kindles within my soul
The candle of divinity…

Other than God and I
Nothing exists in that indiscernible light….

Glory be to Him Who lets the springs of light and knowledge
Gush into the depths of the soul
Sends down from the heavens what can be sent down.
Thus He reveals what it can be revealed
To the one who takes a way unto his Lord….

O’ Poets,
It is revealed unto me that
The word inspired by god is the High Temple
Wherein the angels, the Mother of Spirits, and Messengers
Do glorify and pray unto the Lord of all the worlds.

I follow and hear what is inspired unto me.
And I see what you do not see some of the signs of my Lord
To inform you of what He wills from his knowledge.

O’ Poets,
A Canaanite poet has come unto you
Whom your souls desire.
He will pour the perfume of divinity on your imagination
And liberate the language of the Spirit
From the mouths of the miscreants…

Evil is that which they inscribe and weave…!
They desire to extinguish the fire of poetry with their mouths
Thus they eulogize the evil and wicked people among the iniquitous
In order to drive people away
From the truth with what their whims weaved.

O’ mankind!
Know that this worldly life but a royal bride,
And a clear way towards salvation or perdition…

We have revealed unto you this ideal poetry
To show you some of Our Greater Signs
We made it not but joyful tidings and enlightenment
To those who become free from the inherited beliefs…

With my words
I liberate whoever desires to be liberated
Who comes unto us with open mind and pure heart…

O’ company of jinn and mankind
Whoever among you desire to be free;
They firmly grasp the eternal salvation.
Who is enslaved by his own beliefs.
They are the offspring of extremists.
Verily, extremism is but a satanic seduction…

O’ Family of Faith and the Owners of Holy Books,
I have come to light the lamps of faith and wisdom
With the words of God
And to purify those who attained to faith
When it came unto them the joyful tidings
Of the Holy Spirit descending in the Word…!
Thus they rejoice in hearing what has been revealed to the prophetic poet.
If it should happen that you ask them
Who created the Absolute Poetry
They would definitely say: The Canaanite Bird.


We testify that
This Canaanite Bird is a Poet and a
Prophet among the Messengers
Keeper of the secrets and riddles.

We also testify that
His words are drops of light dew
Leaking out of God’s imagination


They purify us and quench the thirst of spirit for truth.
O’ Family of Faith and the Owners of Holy Books,
There comes unto you an Erudite Poet and an Honorable Prophet.
He recites unto you the legends of the West and East
And invites you to eternal salvation and peace.

They ask you about divine love
Say: God is Love and Peace and the Lord of Beauty.
Divine love is a complete emancipation from slavery.

They ask you about the absolute truth
Say: Out of its breast, the springs of divinity flow.

We have inspired unto you, O’ Poetry,
The secrets of the hymns and the Sacred Charm,
As we have revealed unto the language the charm of eloquence.

Thus remember my favor upon you
When I raised you up after you were dead
And adorned you with holiness and divinity…

And then we have inspired you
To follow the creed of dream
And the rhyme of silence.

And you, O’ Light, the Owner of the soft voice
Wrapped in songs hidden from the eyes,
Remember my favor upon you
When I saved you from the temptation of the seductresses…

By the command of God
Unprecedented words are sent unto me.
I receive and make them wreaths for Faith.
Jubilant is the shadow of unseen
When ruminating on the sovereignty of the word…

Holy is the word
When it is embellished with love
Blissful is the silence
When it is embellished with my words….


When I see the unseen getting naked in my words
I resuscitate whatever cannot be elucidated …

I possess nothing of the ornaments of this worldly life
But I do possess the treasures of the language
The keys of beauty, the crown of wisdom,
And the gardens of azure poetry.
And I rejoice in nothing but in the sweetness of faith…

Being a Knower of the language of the sacred silence,
I debate with whatever I seek to debate…

Whenever I resuscitate a dead dream
I see myself informing death of the time of his death…

Prefect freedom can only be attained
By responding to the divine call …

We inspired unto the nymphs to dance in the nil
To generate the power of creation…

Other than infinity
Nothing exists in the nil…

Light is not more than a silent word
It fell down from the eye of the Spirit
The spirit of imagination

That unperceivable beauty was dead
Till I breathed into it the breath of life…!

Whenever I resuscitate a dead light
I see myself lying in the bed of unseen
Liberating silence from fear…

Love is a divine flower whose freshness is eternal
Whenever it is tickled by the fingertips of my words
It pours its fragrance on the soul…


Verily I let the eyes of the innocent evil
Savor the divine awareness
From a cup whose mixture is mythical
In order to let it see the sweetness of faith

Thus he cried loudly, O mankind!
I am innocent of what you worship!


Faith is a piece of amber
I burn it in the fire of meditation
Thus I see myself evoking divinity…


All rights reserved, © Munir Mezyed. Copying without permission for non-personal use is forbidden.


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