Gads, Horrible Horrible Me__How PEACE?” / Ade Caparas

Gads, Horrible Horrible Me__How PEACE?”

“i will not succumb to sadness, never will i put moi on a corner to brood, i shall create new avenues which would render me paradise… i am a poet!”_ade c.

thousands of years ago, one day

the pirouetting  sunlights

make every petals gyrate

there’s none theres’s  none

tomorrow nor yesterday,

Eve strolls… 


on her way, a whisper,

“you can be as wise and as powerful…”

it’s in mankind’s nature to lead, to be a master, a conqueror, a God… Eve started it, so it runs in our DNA… and to attain such goal, weapons used are greed lust malicious gossips, augmented by envy jealousy pride.

her senses explore…

intoxicating winds

meme her 

to a galloping horse-ride

even her hair twirls

to a symphony of foxtrot…

ahhhhhhhhh… never,

never in her life,

she flutters!

a close knit group, a family we were once upon a time, but too much loves, too much intimacies, suffocated us, thus we burst into an enlarged populations, forced to regroup, henceforth, nations were borne… religions sprouted, to curve  some misgivings, each nation developed individual culture;  the unity of artistic expressions, and because of the various point of view (POV), conflicts, envies, jealousies, possessiveness, obsessiveness prevails. Abundant learnings knowledges prided as higher than the barbarians which was described as the riotous bullies, the styleless, caused, started battles, wars… the survival of the fittest.

and i now, the modern Eve

face the cul de sac

where i go round and round… my own DOT

am i to sulk, brood? no!!! not me!!!

i shall seek new ways

transform moi to a new world

i shall blast as a fiery fire

cuddle-hug moi into 

my new established heaven.

and this is how Narcissist come to surface:  i want every glances focus on me… my clothes my house my sways my works, i need multiple mirrors; left right, back front __to see my supposedly wonderful me and should i fail… i shall invent innovate lies against those who bypass me… gads horrible horrible me! How how  Peace?

__ade caparas manilah

wednesday 1033am 13 june 2018

sydney nsw australia

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