Poems by Shivram K

Poems by Shivram K
I smile
I smile
Standing amidst you
Alike swaying tender buds
My dear kids!
I smile.
I find, walking with you, as I tread where absolute happiness lies.
Stumbling with your hopping feet
Staggering with your searching words
I seek
A hilarious laugh
Which jerks and pushes my lungs
Pumps the pulsating
Trigger the sanguine supplying through
Veins like netted wires
Across my limbs, whole anatomy
And all the worries shun
Depart to some strange land
No fret, no such fatigue venture to approach nearer
To me
Where you dwell your usual days, my dear kids!
And scatter the fragrance of tender soul
That makes me wake up in such torture world
To walk one more another day
With first fleet of Daylight
And then I compose myself
Replete with repose mind.
And I smile.
Your notoriety, mischief, of course!
Pain my head
Exhaust my sinew
And make me labor more for some needless steps
Wait… Let me smile, once more
O’ I’m smiling
But I denounce all the torture I endure seldom,
Just consenting
That your every naughty act
Makes me realize
A life exist
That is pure
Bereft egoist soul
Beyond the perverted, garrulous, snobby,
Sadist world of Adulthood
Who behave differently than what they speak.
So, I smile
At your every delineation of miniature subject
Attitude fearless face
Prejudice free soul
Calculative free minds
I smile
When you hijack my fancy
Mounted over the Wings of your fantasy
And take me to the world of fairy
Soaring above the cloud
Rowing among the stars
And myriad of moons.
I smile
The day you told me the tale that
The sun oft visited your room silently
Before The Dawn and greeted you, just saying
“Good morning”
And the same night, the moon invited you
On the feast and wished you, departing
At the roof
“Good night.”
I smile
At your every discover
A mystic realization then I receives
In your childhood twit- a smile.
And I smile.
I’m Not a Rapist
My masculine impulses, covertly drives
A rapist desire
fleshy Appetite for fleshy devour
As you supposed me
I think
Is not only truth.
A truth, neither you know I can escape
Of Symbiosis existence of us
For procreate
On this enormous Earth.
Approaching closer to you
Is not beastly to prey you
Nor I am drawn by your musk alike fragrance
But compassion
Which rules my conscience
And bears emotions
From embryo to infancy
And further attaining youth
Receiving your cozy love
Makes me A Man.
My sojourn inside you
Makes me realize
‘ I am not a lusty one but a companion.’
I’m turned gentle, tender and generous
Owing you
Your Womanliness.
Thank you- feeling grateful.
The Woman’s Day
Swamp together in a spacious room
A high stood platform, adorned with chairs, tables
Embellished with distinguished personae’s
-Mostly woman or followers.
At left corner, a lady in unending sari of dignity
Stand by lectern
And her trained soft voice
Soothed the ears of audience
sitting before her
Absolutely, she was beautiful and young.
Speech session commenced, hurling
complain, debate, discussion,
Raising issues, blaming
me and you
-Oh !
Again crying, typical terminologies.
Fragrance of dishes in corridor
Enticed the Mind.

2 thoughts on “Poems by Shivram K

  1. feeling proud to read this , especially written by my brother it was inspiring and the depth of this poem says a lot abt life thank you for sharing with us.

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