Poems by Radhey Shyam Varshney

Poems by Radhey Shyam Varshney



O’ Father in Heaven !
Your Son your Messengers
All they have been forgotten

In your name Allah, Ishwar, Jesus, in fact
Offspring have divided themselves in many sect
With divisive interest

Few are praying for love, peace, fraternity
Others are bent upon to destroy with a thumb
Humans and entire humanity

Killing innocent men, women children
Those who survive making them refugee
With tortured women and crying orphan

O’ Father ! You created us with Equality
Created us to live with love and harmony
To lead our life in peaceful fraternity

O’ Father ! show us light Bless mercy
Forgetting to live as brethren being your offspring
We have become each other’s enemy

To those who have become Devil, Demon
Give us strength to eliminate them,
Listen now prayers of your crying children

In all benevolence we pray O’ Father !
With full Trust in You we pray O’ Father !
Give us strength and give them sanity, O’ Father !

(C) @ Radhey Shyam Varshney
18.6.2018 (revised)


PEACE Simplified… “BE AT EASE” {one}

(After philosophical, metaphysical lengthy write on Peace now simplified version of peace to practice in day to day life)

To remain at peace
To attain peace
Know first: it is not in material things
it is in “vibrations”,
~~Vibes emerging from within ‘inside’
~~Vibes connecting from the world outside
Peace lies
In ‘learning to live’ with them
…..with ‘At Ease’

Peace depends: how do we take Vibrations?
How do we response to them?
Through our six sense organs
Of Hear, Touch, Perception, Taste, Smell, and Speech
with own heart and mind, how do we mix?

Peace is some thing
We can learn and practice
To live in life
Otherwise it is debate endless
Lost in logical, Non-logical, illogical comments

To remain in peace
To attain peace
Learn first ‘To Be At Ease”
In all situations, on all positions
Volcano will not erupt……
Sky will fall not………….
On happenings around me:
Agitate, irritate, shout not…..
Agonized, anguished be not…

Then our heart and mind
They are prepared to receive
Soothing, serene, blissful Vibrations of peace.

(c)@ Radhey Shyam Varshney
June 17. 2018



Son or Messanger
In whom every religion believe
All are from One !
But Preachers and Believers
Have separated them
To serve their own interest
Forgetting that they are from One.

Now their followers envy, hate ,
Indulge in violence
In their utter ignorance
Forgetting in body soul all are one
Now suffer humanity, humans are killed
Being Not treated brethren

Follower now engage themselves
In conversion, in elimination
In the name of jihad/religion
Bomb blast, bloodshed, atrocities
On innocent men, women, children
Making them refugees and orphan

Did Allah, God, Parmeshwar
Their son or Messanger
Proclaimed to do all this ?
To destroy love, peace, fraternity
To leave for our generation
A crying humanity ?

(c) @ Radhey Shyam Varshney

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