Power-Over Destruction / Poezi nga Linda B. Scanlan

Poezi nga Linda B. Scanlan
Power-Over Destruction
Her eyes went blank
her stomach seized
her throat closed
she could not scream
silently pleading
don’t do this
do not take my child from me …….
Her heart stopped beating
her throat dry and parched
she looked around at the barren place
she felt its dehydration
from where she stood
there would never be green again
her baby ripped from her arms
she was feeding her
her child hungry
in need of comfort
who will provide it
if not I
she thought…….
Mothers begging
fathers pleading
brothers and sisters separated
taken where
who knows
do you?
We saw this before
an atrocity against humanity
we railed against it
called it a world war
did we win the war
but lose the battle ……
So this is the legacy
bequeathed to their progeny
to the land of the brave
and the free
be prepared to lose your life
the life you dreamed of
the life you hoped for
taken from you without permission
perhaps now to wander lonely
a dead mom walking
hearing the cry of her baby
oh my God why have you forsaken me….
©Linda B. Scanlan, 2018

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