Universe Within / Poem by S.L.Peeran

Poem by S.L.Peeran
Universe Within
Flying in oblivion, in space,
Observing our cosmos,
Huge galaxies, stars
And their satellites
I peered, looked, observed
The mighty & majesty
Of its creation & enormity.
I wondered how the universe
Supports itself, moves in harmony.
From some unknown remote source,
An atom of photon
Lights the universe, brings life
On a remote satellite of Sun
The Earth. Possessed in its bosom
This man, carrying in him,
This atom of photon to enlighten him,
To grace him with everlasting Mercy.
To soften the fire of Sun within.
To nimble the thinking,
To arouse wisdom, under standing.
To absorb the vitals of the universe within,
To evolve as a pure being.

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