Poems by Bam Dev Sharma

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma



Time’s furtive glows
Sprawl over the canvass of life
Purged in lively colors
Glossed with myriads of shades.

Tender brush strokes of time shine
And splattering images galore
But staining marks of destinies
Try to deter darting human dreams.

Cloyed in mesmerizing lights
Strange looks the canvass
And strange are the brush strokes too.

And serene dozes of life
Portrayed in recondite shape
Prove to be testimonies
As the masterpiece of the universe!



How nice
It would have been,
Had we crushed our dreams
To make wishful flowers
Emitting fragrance of joy
And eternal bond of existence
As if perennial river ……

We would have been
As serene as the blue sky,
Extending affectionate grace
Towards luscious valley.

We would not have been tempted
To seek any transitory joy
Like a vagabond in the street
Sighing in utter despair.

We would have soared
With myriads of dreams
Like swarming gnats
Beyond human horizons!

Perhaps drizzling drops
Would fall like the dreams
As if sprouting shoots
Marked on the numb earth
As harbinger of new dawn!

Copyrights by Bam Dev Sharma

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