Poems by Aendgzel Roze (Purple Roze)

Poems by Aendgzel Roze (Purple Roze)


(Dedicated to my sister, who just passed away last week caused of a vehicular accident…)

When you lose someone so dear
The cerulean sky seems so grey,
Even the sun’s incessant rays
Lose its bright, its incandescence.

When you lose someone so dear
Smiles abruptly disappear from faces,
Even laughters can’t anymore be heard
And silence is the only thing that reverberates.

When you lose someone so dear
Hues in every flowers lose its vibrance,
Even their scents have lost their fragrance
And won’t smell any good anymore.

When you lose someone so dear
Pain seems to linger on forever,
Even hearts’ beatings seem to stop,
Caused by a sudden, untimely departure.

When you lose someone so dear,
Tears ceaselessly flowing from the hearts
Even souls sob- questioning faith
But never is the intention of blaming God.

When you lose someone so dear
Goodbye’s a word so painful, unbearable to utter
Even the sunset condoles with the bereaved ones
As its colours expresses, the hurt of such loss.



My last glimpse of sunset on the horizon
In the year two thousand and nineteen,
Intermittent flashes of vermilion rays
Peep in through the purplish clouds.

As my vision became clearer,
I stared on to the vastness of the sky
As if I’m watching a movie scene
Of how I’ve spent this life this year.

I saw a terrain of highlighted,
Unforgettable good and sad memories
Like our family’s summer get together
At El Nido’s island-hopping adventure
Filled the air with such endearing mirths.

Then a scene of camaraderie of friends
Experiencing moments of nature’s wonders,
A pictorial on a beach, sight seeing on a waterfall
Singing and eating and unending chats,
Brought so much joy in my heart.

With the holiday seasons approaching,
Grayish clouds obsure the sun’s beauty
Tragedy veiled the season’s joyful ambience-
Flood of tears drowned me with sorrow,
I thought I won’t survive the pain of losing a sister.

Though the family’s still mourning
I’ve accepted God’s will wholeheartedly,
I’ve embraced his plans without ambiguity.
The New Year is here, I’d continue on living,
Full of love and hope, with a wreathe Of smiles here in my heart’s abode.


A true artists’ innate talent

Is that one thing which can’t be stolen
Even in the crowd they will surely shine
And their scented fragrances will emanate
Even in those unfamiliar hidden places.

© Purple Roze

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