YOUR POEM * / Poem by Jagdish Prakash

Poem by Jagdish Prakash



Your poem
Reverberation of an unbridled desire
Woven around twigs of dreams
And mating call of a cuckoo bird.
A passion laid bare
On a blushing sky
Splashed with crimson hues.

Your words
Twinkling glow worms wafting
On sizzling erotica
of a humid night, sensuous, flamboyant

Your stanzas
Pranks of angels
Drunk on imagery
Of luscious encounters of Aphrodite
On her first moonlit night’s rendezvous.

Your imagination
Soft contours of an unhinged passion
Mumbling a fisherman’s song
In muffled breathes
On a moonless night.
Lost on a seamless horizon
Are tidal waves
Of an unrequited desire!

* My expressions on reading a poem of a fellow poet

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