Heed Mother Nature’s Call / By Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

Heed Mother Nature’s Call


By Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

I posted a quote last week saying that “Every suffering has spiritual significance.” At that time, my first perspective of this was about one’s suffering brought about by one’s illness. But now as I reflect on a series of global disasters being experienced by us like the deadly earthquakes and heavy floodings in Asia and other parts of the world, demonic bush fires and wildfires in South Korea and Australia, the burning Amazon and Borneo and just last Sunday, January 12th, my own country the Philippines experiencing the wrath of a small but terrible famous volcano, one of the deadliest in the region, seeing my own country men fleeing away from the devastation, with bodies covered in hardened mud out of the spewed ashes: tired, anxious faces, dead-worn from 6 hours of walking just to reach a safer place to stay, I then realized that “suffering” goes deeper than merely being physical. It can be mentally, spiritually, and psychologically as well.

As I sit watching the evening news on TV while still having a bout of flu, horrific images of devastating scenes flashed before me, seeing the pitiful plight of my brethren, especially the children, old people, the sick and weak people and even of the abandoned pets and animals left in a ghost town where only traces of their hooves and feet can be seen over muddy roads. I felt saddened and disappointed at the same time.

“Disappointment”sets in because we, humans, inhabitants of the Earth, the only home we have, failed to safeguard Mother Nature and here we are facing tomorrow, reaping what we sow. I feel sad for the young generation and the future generations to come for what kind of environment awaits them?

For every suffering, there’s beauty and madness springing out of each fragment. We gain the courage to fight and survive no matter how dark the pit we may fall in. Nature is not just spewing its wrath to spite us or to take revenge to what we have done, but to awaken us and help us heal spiritually to attain ecological conversion. The Planet Earth can heal itself but we, as its caretakers should be more responsible.

There is still time. “Climate change is not an opinion, it is a fact.”

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